Friday, 21 September 2012

Desert Island Discs - 124 First Frost by The Lucksmiths

124 - First Frost by The Lucksmiths - 1998

Next up is the final lp from Australian band The Lucksmiths who I had always meant to feature in my indie past or bigger than the beatles. Over 15 years and 11 lps they found their sound and kept to it. Radical experiments in dub or death metal aren't for them Winsome songs that stay just the right side of twee and would've fitted right in on Sarah Records. Guitars that jangle and back clever wordplay lyrics , supported every now and then with a bit of brass and a sweep of strings echo bands like the Trashcan Sinatras.

For the final lp just nudges it for two reasons. Firstly, all 4 members contribute songs which keeps the quality high and secondly the production has less of a home made in the bedroom feel being just a tad sharper and crisper.

A bit like the Hit Parade that will feature later this is a band whose sweetness of sound will put the teeth on edge for some of you, but the pretty melodies hide a lyrics whose depth sneak up on you

I always think if I'd ever ended up in a band (apart from the seminal insistent porpoises) it would have sounded a tad like the Lucksmiths. Here a couple of my favourites from the lp plus a bit of a dodgy live recording

California in Popular Song - The Lucksmiths

Day Three of Five - The Lucksmiths

You can buy First Frost here


  1. I knew there would be bands I'd forget when compiling my 125 list, and here's one of them! Great band and probably my favourite album by them aswell.
    Meanwhile sitting at number 124 in my list is last years debut album by The Sand Band 'All through the night'
    Tel Aviv

  2. Hi Phil I coul dhave chosen any of their lps their sound hasnt really evolved , just their playing and production has got better. i really like their formula so glad they didnt try the dance lp or anythign like that

  3. meant to say really like the sand band track - have bought the lp from band camp
    I've a feeling this is going to prove expensive unless we start getting some cross over!


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