Thursday, 13 September 2012

Life of Live - The Men They Couldn't Hang

Well Life of Live is finally up to date. The last few gigs I've been to I've written about as and when I've been , which leaves this one from a couple of years ago.

I used to go and see the Men They Couldn't Hang when I was at poly and sing along to songs of smugglers and all!

They released a couple of patchy lps and like an old college friend I lost touch.  After a break the band re formed and kept on recording and touring and a friend from work lent me their latest lp, Devil on the Wind and although not quite as good as the ones in the late 80s (they used to have 3 main songwriters whereas although the other 2 were still the main vocalists , the songs were writen by just one of the trio, which must have had an impact.) I was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed it.

I therefore agreed to go to an upcoming gig. Although older, thinner on top and portlier round the middle the energy they threw into the gig was amazing . The audience responded and as a results I had real concerns that the state of the audience down the front would result in at least one heart attack.

I've posted 2 tracks from Devil on the wind that show both sides of the band . Devil on the Wind is a rip roaring fiddle/banjo driven gallop while Mrs Avery shows the softer more melodic side.

Devil on the Wind - Men They Couldnt Hang

Mrs Avery - The Men they Couldnt Hang

If you get a chance to catch them live then go along , you'll have a blast

 You can buy Devil on the Wind here and if you liked their earlier stuff it is well worth getting

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