Monday, 17 September 2012

Middle of the Road Monday - Jennifer Warnes

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Middle of the road monday this week features an lp by a singer who I only knew through one of those awful film soundtracks that seemed to dominate the charts in the late 80s. At the time I was more focused on Joe cocker's strange facial expressions to notice who he was singing with.

Famous Blue Raincoat is an lp of Leonard Cohen covers (including 2 new songs one of which was to feature on his own comeback lp I'm Your Man). I knew Leonard Cohen without really knowing any of his songs. An english teacher at school continually claimed he was one of the great poets and a lot of bands I liked name checked him but there was too much new music to discover to spend anytime looking back.

When I got the lp the music was about as middle of the road as it could get , a million miles away from the noisy jangly guitar bands that I normally listened to. When it was released he was kind of a forgotten artist If it wasn't for the fact that it was given to me by a girl I fancied at the time I doubt it would have got a second listen.

Slowly the power of the songs and her voice took hold and the soothing backing track only heightened the impact of the lyrics.

Strangely that summer I went on hols to Spain with a couple of friends and in a week of only wearing stripey t shirts , rolled up chinos and deck shoes (yes I know we must have looked like idiots ) I'm Your Man seemed to be playing in every bar and so i bought that when I got back , which then led on to getting his greatest hits and exploring his back catalogue. I must have recognised that it was the songs that had me hooked as it is still the only thing by Jennifer Warnes that I own

I've posted the one track from the lp that she duets with Leonard Cohen who is at his gravelly voiced best

Joan of Arc - Jennifer Warnes


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