Monday, 10 September 2012

Middle of the Road Monday - Oliver

Middle of the Road Monday and another one of my parent's lps and another musical , this time Oliver. Now one of those that have a revolving celebrity (I took my son to see Rowan Atkinson do a surprisingly well sung job) no one can get near the original
A few years ago I went to a wedding of someone at work and Ron Fagin was one of the guests . He got up and did a speech and then burst into a couple of songs . He asked for some volunteers to join him. I was both in hero worship mode and also a little worse for wear and before any one could stop me I'd bounded up to the head table, only to realise too late that I was the eldest by about 25 years. Which is how I along with 6  children below the age of  10 got to accompany Ron Moody in a version of Got To Pick a Pocket or Two.
However the track I'm picking is one full of pathos as Fagin touched with regret considers turning over a new leaf. It brings a tear every time.


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