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Desert Island Discs 104 Love and its Opposite by Tracey Thorn

104 - Love and Its Opposite - Tracey Thorn 2010

Tracey Thorn has one of my favourite voices in music and in the last 3/4 years has made a couple of solo lps that you feel if she was starting her career would give her a profile up their with the best of the current deluge of female singer songwriters.

Love and Opposites is a proper gown up lp .With themes that only really resonate if you've lived a bit of a life. Not in terms of the life of a rock and roll star but the mundane world of bringing up children , waking up middle aged, marriage breakdowns and having to find love again. It is one of the few lps I know that feels like it was made specifically for the 40+ of us.

The sound she has found takes the best of the acoustic EBTG and the textures of the more dance EBTG all complimenting a voice that sounds better than ever.

As ever the lyrics are sharp , showcased in the opening track about the cycle of friends divorces

It is a slow paced lp but she does pick it up for a song that sung by a mother to her daughter

Hormones - Tracey Thorn

There are a couple of unusual covers but they fit in so well without the writing credits you probably wouldn't spot them.

Finally I think the whole LP can be summed up by this next track , recorded at home it also features Ben Watt and so makes you wish for another EBTG lp

You can buy Love and Its Opposite here

Tracey has also released a Christmas lp (although more a winter themed lp) of mostly covers which you can get here


  1. I simply lover her reading of The Unbending Trees You Are A brings a very different feel and feeling to the song. Both of her recent solo efforts have been amazing. I have just begun to digest Tinsel and Lights, but I can tell already that I am falling in love with it.

  2. You're right, that voice sensual, soothing and so smooth... peerless. Out Of The Woods a mash-up of beauty ands beats with too much of the latter to make my list. This one just a bit sluggish and missing the winning hooks. Just not quite the magic of EBTG there for me.

    #104 - EASTERHOUSE - Waiting For The Redbird (1989)

    Anybody remember this? Pals of Morrissey and the Smiths. Blatantly socialist political rock band, from Manchester I think? Been awhile since listening, but a solid little ripper of a record (in my opinion).

    Come Out Fighting:

    Stay With Me (Death On The Dole):

    PS: Phil: Checked out your #107 - Outsider. What a great single!
    DA: Picked up Fyfe Dangerfield's CD, and it's exactly as you described. Starts with a couple of overblown cuts, but then settles in to a solid groove. Reminds me of Ed Harcourt's eccentric, but often lovely work. On to the Guillemots!

  3. Thanks for reminding me of the Unbending Trees Echo, love the crooning on that; the guy's got a voice for thrash metal...
    Although I brought everything EBTG did, Thorn's voice was always the thing that kept it from greatness for me; I know that its strong flavor is the point for many but there's something intangible there that I have trouble with (see also Beth Orton and... erm... Dido)
    This sounds interesting though; may well be turning my head.
    My 104 is Peter Bradley Adams's 'Leavetaking'.

  4. Just listened to LATO on Spotify; love it; very lean and focussed; reminds me a bit of PB's 'Mid Air' with beats; no showy musicianship; just a voice and some storytelling.

  5. I like this album a lot. Much better than out of the woods. It didn't make my cut but Tracey will appear very high on my list as one half of EBTG. I find her voice, ( together with Sarah Cracknell), really reminds me of home ( England ).Great to listen to her when I'm feeling homesick.
    My #104 Ian Broudie - Tales Told. An album that seemed to slip out almost unoticed , which is a great shame as it contains some great tracks

  6. Hi Phil - will be intersting to see what EBTG lp you go for. Tales Told is a great lp full of really short sweet songs , much less diabetes inducing than his Ls stuff although having said that Four winds is another lp that slippe dout and yet has som eof the best songs he has written on

    Eastehouse Tim now there is ablast from the past - they made billy bragg look like Norman Tebbit

    Trev I'm afraid you lost me when you mentioned Dido! - love the tracks you've posted for your 104

    Hi Echo I bought tinsel yesterday so looking ofrward to giving it a listen

    1. Looking forward to your impressions of Tinsel and Lights! I listened to it again to and from work in the car. I will say I am already looking at the opener as a favorite song of the year.

    2. Hi Echo

      a little bit patchy (really could do with out have yourself a merry xmas) but you are right the opening trackis fantastic as is her version of her Scritti Politti song snow in the winter sun


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