Monday, 29 October 2012

Desert Island Discs - 105 Magic Land of Radio by Obi

105 - Magic Land of Radio by Obi 2002

On my never ending quest to find the next Prefab Sprout I've bought some duffers and some gems. I thought I'd struck gold in 2002 with Brighton's Obi's debut lp

Dreamy vocals that tell of a better place, romanticism in the lyrics , and the interesting changes in tempo and melody that was the early Sprout's signature tune.

There is a bit of folk , a bit of country ad a lot of pop and classic songwriting. At only 8 tracks it leaves you wanting more rather than out staying its welcome.

the instrumentation is subtle and never showy with not a wasted note.

I've posted the a couple of tracks. Somewhere Nicer is a quirky little pop song that would have fitted right in on Steve McQueen and Piano Song shows they could knock out an anthem with the best of them

Somewhere Nicer - Obi

Piano Song - Obi

You can buy the Magic Land of Radio here


  1. I see you've done a piece on Obi in the archive, which I missed. You've snagged another uncovered gem. I've listened to a bunch of other clips too: "All The Stars", "What's In A Name", "Afterthought"... all dandy. Also the 'Diceman Lopez' release ("Sleep Well Dear Friend" is incredibly moving). That album has some Wallinger-type eclecticism/sound. This one I'm having a hard time pinning down influences. I only know it hits my sweet spot and I'm picking up both!

    #105 - ROBBIE ROBERTSON - Storyville (1991)

    Songwriter/guitarist of The Band's finest hour. Featuring Paul Buchanan/Robert Bell/Paul Joseph Moore, and a cast of thousands; produced with Stephen Hague. Listen to Buchanan's exquisite BGV's and guitar-playing on the first clip. A damned good album.

    Breaking The Rules:
    What About Now:
    Soapbox Preacher:

  2. Ha! I have 'Diceman Lopez' album; don't know this one...
    Storyville higher on my list TT; one of the great mullets...

  3. Hi Tim

    the lead singers solo lp makes an appearance a bit higher up as well

    Not heard storyville - only really know the crazy river track from his solo debut. so thanks for the links

    Mullets in rock Trev.. now there is a BBC4 special if ever there was one

  4. Presented by Paul Young and Neil Ridgely...

  5. Hey TJ, Did the sonics of 'Beautiful Mirage' have a little inspiration fom 'Crazy River'?
    You guys seem to have a bit too much hair style knowledge, or maybe I'm just envious... of having hair that is.

    1. Not sure about Crazy River's influence/confluence... I certainly like the song (I'll learn to love it later...)
      I hope all is well in Florida TT; looks like NYC is about to get a battering; I hate to be cynical but it could give Obama one last chance to show his cahoonas...

  6. Another top album. I'm a big fan of Damien Katkhuda aswell and this was a great introduction,but I prefer the follow up, 'Diceman Lopez',that I placed much higher.
    Still waiting for the new Mostar Diving Club album to be released.It's been 'coming soon' since December last year!
    Tim - New to me ,have to check that one out
    My #105 Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age Of Wireless.
    Love this single

  7. hi phil it almost was diceman lopez (plague on this house is my favourite obi song) but the debut just nicked it in extra time.
    2 nominations ofr Thomas Dolby form you and tim woth different lps , i complete a hatrick later on

  8. come to tomorrow at 5pm


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