Saturday, 27 October 2012

Desert Island Discs 106 - Everyone is Here by Finn Brothers

106 -  Everyone is Here by The Finn Brothers 2004

Now for a cosy woolly jumper of an lp. The second lp as a duo following 1995's more experimental Finn, Tim and Neil Finn's Everyone is Here is pure melody based and is a collection of songs up thee with both Tims' solo and Neil's Crowded House lps.

The lp was actually recorded twice, an abandoned version was made with Tony Visconti before 6 months later being re recorded with Mitchell Froom who gives it that Crowded House feel.

Disembodies Voices shows their harmonies at their best  and Won't Give in would fit onto any Crowded House lp

A lot of the themes of the songs deals with families and memories and all showcase the brothers ear for a killer chorus

Nothing Wrong With You - The Finn Brothers

You can buy Everyone is Here here


  1. This album could have easily made my list. For some reason I liked Crowded House, yet they never excited me. However the solo/duo albums have some brilliant tracks that really connect. 'Won't Give In' is one of them...

    #106 - Railway Children - Native Place (1990)


    Tim (getting battered by Hurricane Sandy)

  2. Hi Tim

    great choice - have you heard the acousitc lp of Railway Children songs that Gary Newby released "Gentle Sound" - well worth getting

  3. Great album.It'll appear a little higher on my list.I was torn between this and their debut album that is also a favourite of mine. Even with your 'one album per artist' rule Neil Finn almost made 4 entries in my list, but eventually 7 Worlds Collide didn't make the cut, but does contain one of my all time favourite Neil Finn tracks
    Tim - and another great choice from you. I love their single 'Every beat of the heart' and I'll second Davids recommendation of 'Gentle Sound'
    My #106 is my first entry of an album from 2012. Crybabys self titled debut.

  4. Great choice; the best non Crowded House Finn songs by a mile.
    'Disembodied Voices' and 'A Life Between Us' examine their difficult brotherhood whilst 'Edible Flowers' and 'Gentle Hum' are just gorgeous.
    Speaking of siblings, my 106 is John Hyatt's 'Bring the Family'.

  5. Hi phil
    I must get 7 worlds collide - I thikn Neil's solo stuff can be a bit hit or misshe seems to keep wanting to stray from what he does best. Som eof Tim's solo stuff is also great especaiily Before and after.

    Don't know much of John Hyatt's stuff TRev so popping over to hissy fit now!

  6. more money! - just ordered the crybaby cd !

  7. Have all Railway Children up to Dream Arcade, but not the acoustic album. These kind of stripped down affairs are usually redundant and inferior, but I just sampled "Brighter" on Youtube and love it! Newby's vocals up front and sweet. Some of their earlier work sounds a bit dated so I'm looking forward to picking up Gentle Sounds. Thanks guys for the recommend...


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