Thursday, 25 October 2012

Desert Island Discs 107 - Mid Air by Paul Buchanan

107 - Mid Air by Paul Buchanan 2012

Paul Buchanan's debut solo lp seems to have met a bit of a mixed reception. Partly due to a sense of disappointment that it wasn't a Blue Nile lp , a feeling I guess heightened by the fact that Blue Nile thees are in place as words and phrases echo earlier songs, and of course there is that voice.

Two of my favourite tracks from the Blue Nile are Regret and early b side and Family Life , both of which are largely piano based songs , so Mid Air was always going to be a winner for me.

The short songs feel like sketches but ones that contain universal truths.This is a proper gown ups record made by and for someone who has been battered along on life's air currents and is now sending fragmented dispatches from the front. Memory , sadness and regret weave in and out of each other. This is another lp that I think will climb the top 125 every year .

Trev over at Hissy Fit has done a much better job than I ever could at writing about the lp and some individual tracks here .

For me every new listen means another phrase will stick in my mind as I pin my own memory to it so the whole thing  has become a collage of emotion

You can buy Mid Air here



  1. #107 - THE WHO - Who's Next (1971)

    Not cool I know, showing my old age again.
    But it doesn't hurt to to do Pete's wind-mill guitar to "Baba O'Riley" once in awhile...
    Actually, it does hurt...

    Tim (from Fla.)

  2. Can't stop listening to this album. It fits so many moods and really chills me out after a stressed out day at work. I bought the boxed two cd version and love cd 2's alternate takes on the album. I am so glad that this is an album of Paul Buchanan and not a album of "Paul Buchanan from Blue Nile." I agree that with each listen you can discover something else that you may have not heard the previous time you listened to it.

  3. I echo Echo (sorry, got to keep that one going).
    Love the album so much that I wrote a (puffed up) review:

  4. I couldn't get hold of the 2nd 'Mid Air' CD btw.
    If anyone out there does have it and is kind enough to send me a copy I'll happily swap for a 'Jones' album of their choice...
    Please email me at
    I too love 'Regret' David; I got it from the free 'Patience is a Virtue' download. I believe it's going to appear (probably in a sparkly remaster) on the forthcoming remaster of 'Hats'.
    Cannot wait... The song I really want to hear on CD is 'Meanwhile'. The best available to hear is this:

  5. Meanwhile is a gorgeous song which alas doesnt look like making an appearance in the forth coming re releases
    I've got the second lp I'll do you a copy (although it is mainly instrumental versions of the songs on the lp with a couple of extra vocal tracks

  6. I'm trying really hard to like Mid Air, but so far I find it a bit dull. I love The Blue Nile, so maybe I expected it to sound like them. There's a remix of 'Buy a Motorcar' that is fantastic and I can't help but wish the whole album sounded like that.
    My #107 is Outsider and an album from 2009 ,'Some kind of beautiful'
    Although based in Barcelona they jangle like they're from Glasgow.
    ( I think lead singer Daniel Dodds might originate from there )


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