Friday, 19 October 2012

Desert Island Discs 110 - This is Big Audio Dynamite by BAD

110 This is Big Audio Dynamite by Big Audio Dynamite 1985

I was never really a big fan of the clash , a couple of years too young to buy into all that gang myth. I had Combat Rock and the London Calling single but that was about it

However with Big Audio Dynamite now that was a gang I wanted to be in. It is difficult to imagine just how exciting this band was when it came on the scene . They certainly weren't the first to use samples , but when EMC2 came out with its smart lyrics , film dialogue (lifted from Performance) . indie guitars , swirling keyboards and a beat that you could dance to , well you did wonder if music would ever be the same

There was a time when I revelled in all the Nic Roeg references and knew the words to the song off by heart. Replaying the lp now I start to mouth along as they are still firmly stored in some dark corner of my brain.

The lp couldn't quite top the single but it came dam close. A real record of the times, covering the slide into corporate globalisation (Sony ) apartheid (Party) unemployment (Bottom Line) and Aids (Stone Thames) but not with slogans and preaching but with lyrics oblique enough to make you think.

The epic opening track starts with some western dialogue backed by a unrelenting drum beat that leads to an epic 6 mins of the Good Bad and the Ugly meets Brixton

Medicine Show - BAD

Could they keep it up , well the 2nd lp came and it had some good songs on it , but involving Joe Strummer felt like looking back and by that time there wasn't the shock of the new as every man and his dog was throwing in samples.

You can buy This is Big Audio Dynamite here

On a completely separate note I've just bought the debut lp of Australian band The Last Dinosaurs. When they don't stray too far into American powerpop territory they make songs that jangle along and make you long for summer

You can buy the lp here


  1. #110 - Thomas Dolby - Astronauts & Heretics (1992)

    Tim (from Pittsburgh - en route to holidays in Florida's bright rays...)
    - will try to stay in the mix.

  2. Hi Tim

    lovely lp worth it for I Love You Goodbye alone
    have a great hols

  3. 'I Love You Goodbye' a track on the new MM album. I thought I'd come up with a good title there...
    The Clash were a big deal during my college years; saw them a couple of times; they were pretty epic.
    Mick Jones always bought my eye as the Beatle I'd like to be (rather than the punchy scrawn of Strummer.) In my first band I was just the guitarist but was allowed one song to sing every gig; 'Stay Free'. Pulled a few times off the back of its wide eyed naiveté.
    I'm going to start shadowing this great idea on my blog if you don't mind Dave...
    My 110 is Maria McKee's 'Life is Sweet'.
    Bonkers but beautiful; perfectly summed up by 'Absolutely Barking Stars'.

  4. hi Trev

    somohow forgot about Marie Mckee - loved her solo stuff but never really warmed to lone justice. It helps me if you aremirroring as i can nip over and listen/watch your recommendations!

  5. I'm not a huge BAD fan but liked some of their singles at the time. I still think Mick Jones' finest post Clash moment was his 'Good Morning Britain' single with Aztec Camera.
    Tim ,Good choice with 'Astronauts and Heretics', but I have another Thomas Dolby album coming up shortly.
    Trev,yet again you're educating me, Sounds really strong in a PJ Harvey kind of way.She seems like the sort of woman you woudn't take home to meet your mother.
    My # 110 is the perfect pop of ABC's 'Lexicon of Love'

  6. Phil I'm afraid this is another TRev and Rattlesnakes moments - Lexicon of Love - way too low!!

  7. An album which has actually improved with age. The longer it has been removed from the shadow of The Clash the more I have come to appreciate it.

  8. Hi Echo

    When I relistened to it for this I was a bit surprised at how fresh it still sounded


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