Monday, 15 October 2012

Desert Island Discs 112 - Howdy by Teenage Fanclub

112 - Howdy by Teenage Fanclub 2000

Teenage Fanclub known for massed guitars married to west coast harmonies and a healthy fixation with Big Star. I'd bought Bandwagonesque and played it a lot and then didn't play it at all and didn't buy anything else

For some reason I did buy their sixth lp Howdy maybe because of the lead off single

More Byrds than Big Star it was simply the sound of summer.  The whole lp consists of potential singles all pretty much following the same template but benefiting from the high quality threshold that having 3 songwriters must bring.

It is as if the band have mellowed with age , and some sparklingly clear guitar sounds weave in and out of the harmonies.

I've posted one of Norman Blake's contributions the simply gorgeous final track of the lp

If I Never See You Again - Teenage Fanclub

You can buy Howdy here

on a completely separate note you wait ages for one scottish 80s pop band to release something new and then 2 come along. Following Deacon Blue's new lp . Love and Money have just released Devil's Debt. It takes the best elements of their best lps with a slightly earthier sound .. its great and you can buy it here


  1. I didn't care much for TFC's early, noisy stuff, but I bought their last 2 more mellow CD's. 'Shadows" I enjoyed a lot, and nearly made the cut. I'll have to work my way backwards to Howdy!

    #112 - STEVE BUTLER - Love Come Down (2000)

    Solo outing for leader of Edinburgh's 'Lies Damned Lies'. A radical departure from LDL's gentle atmospherics, this is more akin to Jackson Brown/Bruce Cockburn territory. Ewan Vernal plays bass. Gorgeous piano and soulful vocals by Butler on this poetic and introspective pop album. 'Primrose Road' and 'Hill of The Angels' should have been hits. But who on earth as heard of this guy?
    Except for Phil of course!!!

    Sorry, no clips available for this obscurity, but I see there are a couple of used CD's on Amazon...

    PS: Big thanks to Phil for reminding me of LDL's 'Lamentations' CD with his #125 pick. Arrived in the mail last week. Finally i can ditch my old cassette tape!

  2. Hi Tim

    agree like TF's more mellow later stuff alot more. The steve butler lp sounds interesting so will try and track down a copy

  3. Byrds meets the Beach Boys; nice but derivative (sorry to sound sniffy, I guess that was the point of the band).
    I never really loved them enough to go beyond a greatest hits album.
    Sparky's Dream and Mellow doubt were the one's that did it for me.
    My 112 is Iron and Wine's collaboration with Calexico, 'In the Reins' where the Burns/Cavertino production adds some muscle to Sam Beams winsome doodles. Check out 'Prison on Route 41'.

  4. Hi Trev

    not heard this lp - which is odd as i've got stuff by both Calexio and Iron and Wine - off to see if they have it on spotify (each day seems to be bringing a new cd package through the post at the moment which isnt doing my bank balance much good and causing my wife's eyebrows to reach new heights)

  5. I'm with you; I cough real loudly when the postman approaches.
    I have a similar technique with the ice machine when the bourbon bottle comes out...

  6. Mailman's arrival... Highlight of my day, like Santa Claus!

  7. Howdy is an excellent choice.I had it down to Howdy and another album by them and in the end went for the other, that'll appear soon.
    Tim - another good choice but I prefere his album 'Clear', that almost made it to my desert island.
    Trev - Like David I've not heard this before but I'm going to check it out. Just got the new Calexico album 'Algiers' which I think is their best yet. Saw them a couple of years ago in a small club in Tel Aviv. Fantastic show.

    My #112 Portisheads debut 'Dummy'
    Just downloaded the new Love and Money album.Excellent.It'll be jostling for top spot in my end of year 'Best of' ( although The Heart Strings will take some shifting!)

    1. Thanks Phil. I'm buying Di 'Algiers' for her birthday; result that she's getting into these bands; think how much I'm saving on hats...
      Portishead's icy veneer seemed a bit thin to me; John Martyn did do a great, fleshy version of 'Glory Box'...

  8. Hi Phil

    I must admit i neve really got Portishead - always felt they were oee of those bands that I should like but could never reqally make Dummy stick - will go back and give it another go

  9. 'Dummy stick'?
    Sounds like a pokey pacifier...


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