Thursday, 11 October 2012

Desert Island Discs 114 - Given to the Wild by the Maccabees

114 - Given to The Wild by the Maccabees 2012

Last year was pretty sparse as far as classic lps was concerned however so far I think this year has been a bit of a vintage. If you add that to the fact that it was always likely I'd fall into the trap of the magazine best of polls, when some a few recent okay lps seems to rise above classics, then it isn't that much of a surprise to find the first of 3 of this year's releases in the top 125.

The Maccabees had made a couple of lps of slightly arty , spiky guitar lps before this years release. originally i had their debut in my top 125  (it reminded me a bit of very early James), however since its release in early Jan this lp has just sounded better and better.

Give to the Wild is a step change , it is the sound of a band who have set out with a conscious intent to make a record that takes them to the next level.

There are waves of synths , layers of guitars and a vocal mix that washes over the backing track. Blasts of trumpet again recall James , but this time the James of Seven. All helped by 4 stunning singles


The whole  lp combines a great feeling for textures and layers in sound , and art school type feel all hooked up in some killer tunes

you can buy Given to the Wild here which is a fiver well spent


  1. Wow, Maccabbees get a makeover! I really didn't understand all the fuss about this band before, sounding a bit too frantic and anthemic like Arcade Fire to me, but this seems like a different band. I've checked out most of the other tracks, wonderful balance in the soundscapes and all grandly produced. I'll take heat for mention of U2, but to my ears It has a beautiful, dreamy symmetry like Unforgettable Fire; a classic in my opinion. I'll be digging into my shrinking wallet. DA: Thanks for the heads up!

    # 114 - SHINE - Shine (1989)

    I remember well picking up this CD in the cut-out bins back in the 90's, along with a Love & Money CD (coming up on my list). Same day, both blind purchases (again) and loved both albums immediately. A couple beautiful gems...


    All I know is from the liner notes... Another Scottish band I presume, recorded at Cava Studios, Glasgow. Produced by Bobby Henry (Friends Again, McCluskey Brothers, Hue & Cry). McCluskey Bros. lend BGV's. Band members: Will Adamson (vocals), Alex Milne (keys), George Wheelwright (guitars).
    Was this their only album? What happened to the members? Any info appreciated...

    Incredibly, I found 2 superb videos... PLEASE HAVE A LISTEN !!!

    Shine - Walking On The Town:

    Shine - Wall Of Hate:

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  3. Saw The Maccabees playing 'Pelican' on Later with Jools and was impressed; their big, twitchy, tuneful guitars reminded me of The Blue Aeroplanes; anyone remember them?
    My 114 is Kelly Joe Phelps' 'Sky Like a Broken Clock'.
    We always knew he was a great player and had a voice but where did these songs come from?
    'Tommy' is worth the price of admission...

  4. I don't know why I've never listened to the Maccabees , but after listening to these clips and hearing you all rave about them ,it's got to be worth a fiver.
    Tim - I thought I knew my Scottish pop but Shine are new to me, Really like the 2 songs though, especially 'Walking on the Town'. Time to have a dig around in e-bay.
    My #114 is the self titled debut from The Jazzateers. This is actually the bands second album ,featuring Graeme Skinner on vocals. Their unreleased debut with Paul Quinn on vocal duty never saw light of day due to Postcard records demise.

  5. I too thought I knew my Scottish pop but shine are new to me too I like the tracks so off searching as well
    I can see the unforgettable fire comparison
    The blue aeroplanes ....... One of the best live bands I've seen I think they are still going
    I think have a copy of some of the Paul Quinn tracks from the dark corners of the internet


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