Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Desert Island Discs 115 - 24 Years of Hunger by Eg and Alice

115 - 24 Years of Hunger by Eg and Alice 1991

Quoting from one of my previous posts Featuring a model and a former member of Brother Beyond the signs were not good. However, the lp 24 Years of Hunger somehow managed to on one level be the smoothest of dinner party background music, with a set of arresting songs that were full of interesting and unexpected little quirks that stopped the whole thing slipping into the land of the bland.

That was written for a post about one of my favourite singles ...

Indian - Eg and Alice

When you think 1991 was full of Nirvana , Pearl Jam , Guns n Roses bloated Use Your Illusion , etc with the number 1 singles too depressing to mention, it is no surprise that both the single and the lp disappeared form trace.

I always wondered if the record company thought they had another Simply Red or Sade on their hands. At first listen the lp is very deceptive. it is smooth, polished and a tad non descript. Listen closely and the little quirks appear, strange little changes in tempo  and melody , odd instruments and lyrics that are clever enough to mean something but vague enough to mean different things.

I was never quite sure if the lyrics were personal of short character studies. As they came and went so quickly details of how they formed are scant. I've always wandered how they came together

It all adds up to on one level make it feel like some kind of subversive dark record on the other the perfect chilled dinner party background

Gradually a cult started to form with Q making it one of their top lps of the 20th century. However by then it was too late as any copies were already going for silly money.

Mystery Man - Eg and Alice

Eg is now a successful songwriter for hire and has 2 great solo lps to his name. Alice has also released a couple of solo lps and some contributions with Unkle. I've not heard the solo lps but she does feature on a killer track on Eg's latest solo lp

If you have money to burn then you can get the lp here - lets hope for re release. As it is it remains a lost classic


  1. # 115 - Jackie Leven - The Mystery Of Love Is Greater Than The Mystery Of Death

    PS: Eg & Alice on my Amazon wish list for years. What I've heard I like. Might have to win the lottery first...


  2. Great album; sadly neglected.
    Speaking of quirky mainstream; my 115 is Sean Colvin's 'Whole New Year' which just shades 'A Few Small Repairs' benefit of the chilling 'Another Plane Went Down'.

  3. Quite agree, a lost classic. It appears a bit higher on my list.
    My #115 Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man - 'Out of Season'
    Also a big thanks for pointing me in the direction of the new Deacon Blue album .I'm really lovin' it

  4. 3 lps I've not heard so off to spotify
    Tim whilst you are saving up egs last solo lp is almost as good


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