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Desert Island Discs 116 - Fly Yellow Moon by Fyfe Dangerfield

116 - Fly Yellow Moon by Fyfe Dangerfield 2010

I'm a big fan of the guillemots and was really looking forward to the release of Fyfe Dangerfield solo lp especially as the pre release blurb talked about a more introspective approach and songs about love.

I remember it had a reasonably quiet release until this happened

I Think the lp was then re released with this on, but the version I've got is the one without the Billy Joel cover and i think it is better for it. Not that there is anything particularly wrong about it but the advert itself and the publicity it generated kind of comes to dominate the rest of the tracks
Things get off to a good but slightly disappointing start with When You Walk in The Room . The song itself is great but the production is the kind of everything thrown in there approach that characterised the last 2 Guillemots lps, but with less polish. on first hearing it felt a bit unfinished although as I played it  more, the hooks started to dig in. 
The message is set early though with "I can't help it if I'm happy"
The same can be said of one of the lps singles Faster Than a Setting Son. A great song but jars slightly with the rest of the lp. Compare and contrast the single version with a live version
It sounds like I've got a downer on one of my top 125 . I do like both these tracks but what comes around them is so much better in terms of an overall mood.
Eight other stunning love songs , some simple acoustic tracks , some with a sparse electronic background , some a little lusher with added strings. Here are a couple of live stripped down versions of the more acoustic tracks
Finally here is my favourite track from the lp
Listening back to the lp I was kind of tempted to move it higher as it is one of those that gets better the more I play it and think if it was 10 years older it would have probably been a lot higher
You can buy Fly Yellow Moon here


  1. # 116 - NEIL DIAMOND - Moods (1972)

    I hear giggles already... Whilst compiling my 125, I had to resist the temptation of making an entirely pretentious record snobs list, and be honest and include albums of nostalgia and personal emotional connection, that I still believe are fine albums.
    It appears I'll be first wade into the uncool waters of the mainstream with my pants down, with Neil Diamond. Seriously, he was a truly ambitious and creative singer/songwriter at his peak in 1972 before his gradual tumble into schlockdom.
    I'll attempt to convert you youngsters... Maybe listen to the clips, you might be surprised? "Done Too Soon" is a great "list song" with a profound ending off "Tap Root Manuscript" released same year...

    Walk On Water:


    Done Too Soon:

  2. Great choice David; one of my oft played 'Sunday Morning Blues'.
    I'm with you too on early Diamond Tim; the drama of 'I Am, I Said' is still as potent as ever.
    My 116 is 'Songs From The Deep Forest' by Duke Special.
    See today's blog...

  3. Hi Trev - Dongs form the deep forest is in mine but quite a bit higher - have you heard his new one , a return to straight forward song writing and he better for it.
    Neil Diamond would have been one of the middle of the road mondays beofre the top 125 took over

  4. Dongs from the deep forest?? now that would have been an lp and a half

  5. Bugger, this should have been in my chart, Never mind I'm sure there'll be more 'forgotten classics' during the rundown.
    I've never heard the Billy Joel cover before. Certainly isn't on my album. Good version of an average song.
    My #116 is from 1970 'Bridge over troubled water' by Simon and Garfunkel. If I had to pick a favourite track it would be this
    and here's a fantastic cover of the same track
    ...and Tim, there's nowt wrong with a bit of Neil Diamond
    Tel Aviv

  6. a surprisingly good video as well (I say surprisingly as check out the when alls well video)

  7. 'Dongs Form the Deep Forest'
    It's a Seymore Butts film, no?
    Missed it off my list of best endings...

  8. Phil, it's easy to forget the gentle genius of Paul Simon's early writing.
    I think that when he wrote for Simon and Garfunkel he was generally writing for another singer; therefore his songs (although personal) seemed bereft of ego, all the more potent (word of the week) for it. I was listening to 'Bookends' the other day; loved the concept feel of the thing, 'Old Friends' and 'America' just inspirational. And elsewhere there's 'So Long Frank Lloyd Wright', 'Homeward Bound', 'Kathy's Song'. I wish he still engaged me but his solo stuff is (often brilliant but) patchy... the inevitable jazz/world music chops and wordily wisdom are all part of the man's growth; I just loved the naivety of rhyming Simon before he realized that he was arch and cute...

  9. Phil: S&G a great choice. I've never appreciated Simon's work as much as I should. Both versions of Only Living Boy In NY are gorgeous; heavenly harmonies. First time I've heard EBTG's take I think. I have all of their individual albums, but I think this cover was from a Best of...

    Trev: Nice comment. I mean the Simon one. Your diverse knowledge of other genres of film a little too extensive...

    DA: You've got me brainwashed into buying some Guillemots. I'm still not convinced. Samples I've listened to often seem over the top bombastic, while other tunes attractive. I've been flip-flopping on a purchase, but now see the prices... from .01 P! Even a bum like me can afford...

  10. Tim - You should invest in some Guillemots .Try 'Through the windowpane'. A really good album ( My album of 2006 )
    You're right the EBTG track isn't on an album . I have it on a CD single
    Trev - Thank God you're onboard .I would have just said Simon got too clever for his own good!
    D - It is rather a good video for EBTG isn't it

  11. Second phils recommendation through the windowpane it is their best


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