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Desert Island Discs 117 - Fried by Julian Cope

117 - Fried by Julian Cope 1984

This is the lp where Julian Cope's mad as a hatter reputation reached fruition . The cover starts things off with a naked Julian under a turtle shell playing with some of his collection of toys cars on top of a slag heap.

Then to the music where Reynard the Fox kicks things off. It starts off as a fairly straightforward psychedelic rock song until his spoken interlude ends with the singer "spilling his guts all over the stage" and  kick starts a final wig out. It instantly became alive classic

The rest of the lp is a mixture of fragile songs  and pop hooks..

The groove based single Sunspots is a glorious pop song but failed to ignite public interest and it seemed tobe the view that Julian had blown it  (which made the Lazarus like return of Saint Julian all the more surprising)

The remaining in tracks excluding the rockabilly thrash of Bloody Assizes are quieter more reflective , with an almost demo feel to them.

The best track for me shows that no matter how much he tries to hide it the simple pop song is what he does best

Bill Drummond Said - Julian Cope    (the Bill Drummond reply "Julian Cope is dead" isn't half as good)

An English treasure at his eccentric best you can buy Fried here


  1. Mr Cope too weird for me, although the album "Saint Julian" had some great pop tunes.

    #117 - Triffids - Calenture (1987)


  2. hi Tim

    I always thought that however hard he tried his pop side would always win out!
    Calenture is a greta lp the lusher tracks (Bury Me . Trick etc) are gorgeous. Some of the rockier ones dotn quite do it for me. Save Waht you Can though is i think the best thing they have done and even appearing in a Neighbours wedding scene didnt ruin it

  3. I suppose I haven't really given Julian Cope much of a chance. Loved his work with Teardrop Explodes and enjoyed his early solo performances with the crazy mike stand but as Tim says a bit ' too wierd' for me to follow his career. After saying that I like these clips you've posted.
    # 117 for me takes me way back to my DJing days 'Bill Nelsons Red Noise' - 'Sound on Sound' from 1979. I remember how I thought it sounded sooo modern! Not quite punk and not quite new romantic. Bill can certainly play the guitar. Here's a single that should have been a hit
    I also remember this was the first album I paid over a fiver for
    Tel Aviv

  4. Hi Phil

    Bill Nelson is someone whose name I know and I've read about quite a bit and yet I dont think I've ever heard anything by him at all.

    I'll start with the single and see where I go from there

  5. Nelson is Marcus's favourite guitarist.
    I'd love 'Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape' just for its title:
    but most would remember him for 'Ships in the Night'
    Why is the guy not a fashion icon?
    The viscose jacket/the perfect outpatient mullet...
    He still beavers away in a Sylvianesque shed somewhere near Sheffield.
    My 117 will be the Triffids too, but I'd plump for 'The Black Swan' and it's plusher production. I'll have it in a dead heat with David McComb's fine solo/swansong 'Love of Will'.

  6. DA, you took the words right out of my mouth re. Calenture. Save What You Can one of the best tunes ever to come out of Oz. The 1st Cd I bought by Triffids was In The Pines, recorded in a sheep shed. Made a fine beer mat... Took me years to return, but discovering Calenture was a startling wake up. It's still my fave, even over Born Sandy.
    I'm kinda fuzzy about Bill Nelson. Fantastic axeman. I had Sunburst Finish on vinyl, loved it (and the jacket!) at the time, but then he seemed to go all keyboardy. Released boatloads of records which I
    didn't pursue. Feedback Phil?

  7. Oops! That was anonymous Tim...

  8. Yup, Marcus always bring to push Bill Nelson box sets on me from his doodling period. Even if it was quality; where would you start? Obvious answer to that I know but it all seemed a little 'over facing'...
    Please do try 'Love of Will'. It's focussed and fetching...

  9. Sorry I can't help you Tim. I've only 2 albums ,'Sound on Sound' and the one he released after it 'Quit dreaming and get on the Beam'
    I really like both albums but if you're not a lover of the synth then maybe they won't appeal to you.

  10. I@m with you Black Swan for me it fails gloriously. Love of Will is a great cd too


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