Monday, 1 October 2012

Desert Island Discs - 119 Act of Free Choice by David Bridie

119 - Act of Free Choice by David Bridie 2000

David Bridie is the lead singer and main songwriter of a great Australian band My Friend the Chocolate Cake. However my favourite lp of theirs is a compilation so it falls to one of his solo releases. I've been a bit disappointed with some of hi solo lps but Act of Free Will is just about perfect.

There is experimentation with sounds,samples , tones , rhythm but at its heart there is still song craft at its core and it is one of those lps that feels like it has been crafted rather than recorded.

He rarely gets above mid tempo but that doesn't matter this is definitely a mood and atmosphere piece.

It starts with the a distorted drum and synth tone , before the warmth of a piano comes to prelude a mumbled vocal that suddenly gives way to a chorus that hooks itself into your brain . I've no idea what The Koran , the Ghan and the Yarn is about but will listen and you will find yourself unexpectedly ooo oooing during the rest of the day.

What follows at times recalls David Sylvian at his graceful best

I've posted a track that shows how good his is marrying melody to narrative. A Paul Auster novel in a musical form

The Last Great Magician - David Bridie

You can buy the lp here for less than £1 which is quite frankly ridiculous

On a completely separate note I've had a great track sent to me in box. It is from Biggles Flies Again. There is an lp on the way. The sound is quirky pop with a homemade feel that recalls bands like the magnetic fields at their melodic best

you can get a download of the track Summers Coming at their bandcamp site here. Having now heard a couple of tracks I'll be buying the debut lp as soon as it is out.


  1. Think I'd better fall in line with the rest, make a habit of cranking up the old PC daily and count down in sequence. Excuse the temporary redundance...

    # 119 - THE POEMS - Young America (2006)
    Catchy, sweetly sad Scottish chamber pop, comprised of ex-members of Roger Hodgens (Bluebells), Bobby Paterson (Love & Money) with Justin Currie, Norman Blake, Isobel Campbell lending a hand. Lazy Sunday/cat in your lap fare.

  2. hi Tim

    I cant believe I've never heard of this - it ticks all my boxes as they say!

  3. Great choice David. Bridie a good mate; my fav MFTCC album is 'Review' a compilation and Act of Free Choice a gem. I was lucky to be at The Diary studios in Brixton when Dave was recording it.
    Funny: we just found our signed copy under the bed this weekend.
    Your two fav' tracks are mine too, although I love 'Deserters' also.
    My 119 is Lloyd Cole and the Commotion's debut...

  4. Can't believe number 118 is My Friend the Chocolate Cake 'Good Luck',I also have this one by David Bridie and really like it but for me Good Luck is the better album.
    Meanwhile back to #119 and it's old Mozza with 'You Are The Quarry'
    Tim - The Poems also appear in my list.It's an excellent album.It was great to see Robert 'Bobby Bluebell' Hodgens put down his pen ( songwriter for Texas),and pick up the guitar again. There were some more tracks after the album was released so I was waiting for a second album from them ,and I'm still waiting!
    Tel Aviv

  5. Hi Trev and Phil - MFTCC fav is REview as well so couldnt include.
    Mozza is coming but a different lp and TRev I'm shocked Rattlesnakes is so low!!

  6. Phil - Thanks for the subtle name correction of Mr. Hodgens. I'm zonked out on percodan after a root canal; scrambled my thinker?
    You're a whiz... didn't know about his Texas connection. Liked that band, but Sharleen kinda hogged the spotlight, cute as she was...
    Note: Poems was $2 delete bin blind purchase for me. Picked it up because I liked the name!

    PS: Rattlesnakes 119!!!

  7. Sorry guys, 'Rattlesnakes' still sounds sublime; Forest Fire playing now; it shows low because I'm throwing my fav albums at you as I remember them.
    Only my top 20 will be in order; I think you can tell how organized my sock drawer is...


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