Thursday, 8 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 100 - Funeral by Arcade Fire

100 - Funeral by Arcade Fire 2004

I resisted Arcade Fire for ages under some misguided emperor's new clothes perception. Someone lent me the 3rd cd and I realised that they knew what they were doing and went out and bought all 3 lps.

Funeral the debut just nudges it from the note quite as universally loved Neon Bible

Formed by the death of various family members there is a sense of loss that hangs over the whole lp. Driven along by a relentless rhythm section, with dense instrumentation set down in layers. Add on to that a lead vocal that at times sounds like fire and brimstone preacher  it can be a bit of an exhausting listen and more bible belt than Montreal

Gradually the subtleties reveal themselves and the lyrics start to tell their stories

Rebellion - Arcade Fire

You can buy Funeral here


  1. I'll probably get deported for this...

    Sorry mate, Arcade Fire do nothing for me. Repetitive, discordant mash-up of Talking Heads, U2, and Bright Eyes to my ears. Add Win Butler to the whiney voices that give me a migraine just thinking about them: James Blunt, Neil Young, Conor Oberst(Bright Eyes)...

    #100 - Ricky Ross - Pale Rider (2006)

    - Pearlfisher's David Scott the perfect complement for RR's best solo album by a mile.

  2. I really wanted to love this band I'm afraid that I'm with TT here David;I have all of their albums as the great moments are GREAT but they don't sustain... maybe it's more that they don't engage me for some reason; they're obviously earnest about their music, could be that, as a collaborative band the project lacks one voice to give some clarity... and the SHOUTING doesn't speak to me. Maybe I'm getting old... they would have been my perfect college band.
    Meanwhile, back on easy street, I'm crawling further up TT's bum by saying that 'Pale Rider' is my favourite of Mr Ross's solo outings. The sparkly production sheds light on his oft grey warblings; for me his other solo stuff lacks a bit of musical detail making them a bit wordy, worthy and unrelenting.
    Rich, I know coming from a man whose 1st solo album was a book of poetry and one piano... I know unrelenting when I hear it...
    My 100 is breaking the rules: 2 albums by Olufur Arnalds.

  3. I'm with Tim on this one.Their sound is really geared up to be heard live where they shine.On record they really do nothing for me.
    Pale Rider is Ricky Ross' most triumphant solo album and ,Tim, your quite probably right in saying that David Scott has quite a lot to do with that.
    Meanwhile, from me ,yet more Michael Head.Picking a favourite Shack album was one of the most difficult, ( along with a favourite Roxy Music album),decisions I had to make while compiling my list but I eventually went with 'Heres Tom With The Weather'

  4. well looks like i am in a minority of one for this one! Thing is i cant disagree with most of the comments it is just one day it just clicked for me.

    Although having forgotten about pale rider which is a great lp I was tempted for a late substitution

    Snap with Toms the weather Phil


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