Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 101 - Kaputt by Destroyer

101 - Kaputt by Destroyer 2011

I've got Toronto Tim to thank for this one. I'd have never bought it in a million years (thinking they were probably a Scandinavian death metal band) without his post on Trev's Hissy Fit

From 2011 but just as well could have been the same year as yesterdays post. It has got a Avalon Roxy Music , Prefab Sprout , Scritti Politti , etc. all stretching back to Steely Dan.

Even the lyrics a full of knowing references to Smash Hits , New order etc.

The sounds seem to be lifted form a 100 records you've loved before (Savage Night at the Opera could have come straight from Lo Life complete with Peter Hook bass) but the sound is so shiny and crisps that it moves ahead of retro pastiche into something much more modern.

The video from the title track starts like a Robert Palmer video and then turns it on its head. As a fan imagines life as a pop star "wasting your days , chasing some girls , chasing cocaine" and ends as a love letter to the british music press

Blue Eyes has the same fan in the bedsit land " a permanent figure of jacked up sorrow" writing poetry and obsessing about  a New Order loving girl.

Blue Eyes - Destroyer

The Bay of Bigs (detail) is a 20 min  bit of  gorgeous instrumentation that starts as if it wanted to be on a follow up to Tin Drum

Goodness knows what the 8 min suicide demo for Kara Walker is about but the sense of mood is spot on with some wonderful atmospheric guitar to get things going beofre the .. flute comes in !

I'll finish with a live version of my favourite track and the one the echoes those mid 80s scottish bands who had all listened to Steely Dan

You can by Kaputt here


  1. Only came across these very recently. Noticed a similarity to Momus on the stuff I listened to. Less obvious here but you have also noted some Scottish influence. Could it be something about being Northern?

  2. Splendid live clip. Such a lush and complex tune but the band plays it beautifully. Kaputt is one of my faves of the past several years. The eccentric fusion of musical landscapes never ceases to captivate me. Will appear much later on my list.
    Speaking of eccentric...

    #101 - SIGUR ROS - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

    The only CD on my list that I don't even know the title of... I call it the the "streaker" album. Here's a band that can bore, grate, or completely enrapture me from one song to another. Perhaps I'm not smart or cool enought to appreciate their complete body of work, but this album has a more linear pop accessibility that appeals to my sketchy musical sensibilities. Even if Jonsi is warbling gibberish...


    PS: Lest someone flogs me for having critic's darling Sigur Ros near the end of my list... I've cooked up the acronym "INPO" (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) to cover my ass!!!

  3. I had Kaputt in my car (now there's irony for you) on rotation for a week; every time it came on I had a "what the f*ck?" moment; my ear couldn't recognize or accept it as anything but a hectic potpourri of influence; one minute Steely Dan, the next an audition for a new Haircut 100 brass section. And then came the flutes... The abiding flavour came from the lyrics which were about as focussed as my mum's photo's of her (apparently) headless cat, 'Cat'. Strangely involving and moving once to stop concentrating and just let it wash over you... musical and lyrical phrases insinuate themselves and refuse to budge.
    I'm struggling to decide which Sigur Ros works best for me TT. Majestic but uneven; I need lyrics to help define so am struggling; the acoustic album that soundtracks their tour documentary is special.
    Meanwhile, back on bonkers street Dave, if you want eccentric, my 101 is 'Kimono My House' (eh?) by Sparks...

  4. A big thanks to Tim ( and Trev ) for introducing me to Destroyer.Like you say, with a name like that I'd never have stumbled accross them on my own. Still really enjoying it.
    #101 is Tindersticks ambitious beauty of a debut album from back in 1993

  5. Hi Seamus - I've not heard anything else by them and strangely as I love this lp dont feel compelled to - cant shke eh feeling that this was a mighty one off - there is a bit of mous in the mix you are right

    Sparks brought many things to pop but best of all is teh bored looking 2nd man in th epop duo (see soft cell and pet shop boys for tributes!)

    I never eally got into Sigur ros or teh tindersticks - I bought their debut on lp (complete with free postcards that is worth a bit now although I gave mine away) I just cant help picturing vic reeves !

  6. DA: Agree with your warning about further delving into Destroyer's back catalog... not my cup of tea at all. Also, don't be surprised if Destroyer's next release really IS a death-metal album!!!! Behar is one daft chameleon...

    Phil: Tindersticks have all the musical elements that should tick all my boxes, but that lethargic, nasally growl of Staples has always been the stumbling-block for me. A taste thing again.

    TJ: Between trying to picture/comprehend the "cat" analogy and your left-field choice of Sparks! You've got me snickering...


    1. Reminds me of one of THE great lines in modern cinema:
      "I amuse you. I AMUSE YOU?'
      (it's all in the delivery)
      Win a toffee apple and name the film...
      And 'Sparks'?
      Just trying to light some fires...

    2. So familiar, but I had to go to IMBD...
      If you'd sprinkled a few expletives in there I would've got it straight off!

    3. Whenever I watch the scene I always think it's going to end differently (badly)...

  7. Thanks for introducing me to this. I was hooked right from the beginning of the video you posted. Went out straight away & picked it up on the cheap!


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