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Desert Island Discs 89 - Will i Ever Be Inside of You by Paul Quinn and the Independent Group

89 - Will I Ever Be Inside of You by Paul Quinn and the Independent Group 1995 
What is the sound of faded glamour and broken dreams? Well take one should have been a contender 80s singer mix him in a band and songwriters from Glasgow's early 80s jangle brigade (various Bluebells, commotions , Juicers , etc) and get them to write and record a load of torch songs.
I had already got their debut (on the relaunched post card records) which had come and gone in a blink when i saw a review for this lp which again disappeared with barely a splash. 
Will I Ever Be inside of You (not a chat up line I've ever been brave enough to contemplate using!) to me is he sound of a singer's last chance. Age has turned Paul Quinn's voice into the mellowist of croons, but one shot through with pain.  I'm sure it will be pure pub singer to some but to me it is one of the greatest pop voices going
The lp starts with a 9 min title track  in which you can almost smell the smoke an feel the red velvet curtains 9stick around for the operatic backing vocals at about the 5 1/2 min mark)
What follows is 8 further songs of sorrow ( and even then 2 are different versions of the same cover) that all take their time and yet leave too soon
The only film footage I could find was this frustratingly short extract of Stupid Thing the song that featured on my very first post

It is one of the many wish I'd been there moments but the lp got a one off live performance at the Glasgow film school

A Passing Thought by Paul Quinn and the Independent Group

One more tear won't make no difference to the rain

The whole thing has added meaning as since then apart form one more guest vocal ...  rumours of poor health and silence.

The only copies of the lp I could find on Amazon were close to £100 so it fingers crossed on ebay. Although I think anyone who owns it will be like me and keep it as one of their most treasured records


  1. This was a tremendous album that had to have taken a lot of courage to make. It does sound like a last chance, a final attempt to convince while not really convinced it would ever actually happen. For that reason there is a freedom and a rawness at the heart of each song.
    A Passing Thought is possibly his greatest achievement. It crushes you as you know it crushes him.

  2. Now it's my turn to say........TOO LOW! This is a top five album for me. My favourite all time vocalist. A voice full of emotion and charisma. Only Elvis comes close. His career tragically cut short due to ill health, we're left with only 2 albums from a career spanning 15 years or so.
    On the bright side Ian Burgoyne, member of The Jazzateers and Bourgie Bourgie, has posted on You Tube the Jazzateers unreleased album 'Lee' and the Bourgie Bourgie tracks from their incomplete debut album. (Quinn did a bunk half way through recording of the album)
    When are these classics going to get an official release?
    The concert you mention was also recorded but sits unreleased in the BBC vaults. Tragic.
    Meanwhile # 89 Boo Hererdine - Harmonograph
    Some of Boos best songs were written for other artists, as this great album proves

  3. This passed me by. A Passing Thought is lovely; must investigate.
    These new discoveries (include Japanese whisky in that) are costing me a fortune.
    Harmonograph great listening too Phil.
    So much Boo and so little time...

  4. I'm with Phil, maybe not a Top 5, but higher than #89. A supergroup with THAT voice. Reminds of how Stuart Staples SHOULD sound. DA, you can always implement the No Particular Order privilege...

    I'm on the road again, in a hotel without my list in front of me... I see TJ has nicked my Boo selection that I had coming up, and Phil has Boo for his pick. Let's make it 3 of a kind...

    #89 - Boo Hewerdine - Thanksgiving

    TT (Morgantown, West Virginia)

  5. Just had to share this you. From the lovingly put together web site
    Released in 1994 "Will I Ever Be Inside Of You" is a record of untold
    depth and beauty and quite seriously a criminal offence that it
    is not more widely known. If you don't own a copy then you may not
    realise what a gaping hole you have in your life and for that I
    pity you. Track down a copy and buy it. Then play it until your
    ears begin to physically smile. After that, it doesn't matter if
    you die. You will die happy. In fact several of those who
    witnessed the "Cheap Flights" one-off performance of the album at
    the Glasgow Film Theatre on Wednesday 12th October 1994 have still
    yet to live through a better day.
    Do you think he likes it?

  6. Haven't heard Paul Quinn in a long time. Thanks for these. Had a few tracks on various cassettes and am tempted to scour the attic stash for them.

  7. I know I know I shivered when I realised some of the stuff that I had put above this lp. Boo is lot higher for me I love harmograph as I was worried he had gone a tad too whispery and lost his pop mojo. He is at his best with neil mccoll on board

  8. I know I know I shivered when I realised some of the stuff that I had put above this lp. Boo is lot higher for me I love harmograph as I was worried he had gone a tad too whispery and lost his pop mojo. He is at his best with neil mccoll on board


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