Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 90 - Feather and Stone by Tom Baxter

90 Feather and Stone - Tom Baxter 2004

The early years if the century saw a rush of singer songwriters as record labels searched for the next David Gray / Jeff Buckley and threw money at people who at another time may have kept on struggling in obscurity

There are some great lps from that time and one of the best is Tom Baxter's debut Feather and Stone. He could do the big emotional ballads with sweeping strings. However thankfully what separated him from the James Blunts of the period was a much more imaginative use of arrangements and a lack of saccharine in the lyrics.

The whole set of songs seem to tell a coming of age story (or maybe I'm reading too much into it as usual)  

The lp mixes quiet ballads , lighter aloft moments with more straight forward pop songs all backed by some of the best string arrangements I'd heard in an age

Under the Thumb - Tom Baxter

There are a couple of times when ambition gets the best of him and the song doesn't quite pull it off but rather that than a couple of play it safe fillers.

Not unique at all , just better than most and even if you think I've heard this all before it is worth digging deeper

you can buy Feather and Stone here


  1. Excellent album that features higher for me.
    The first two tracks are cracking; cannot remember a more exhilarating intro to a recent POP album...
    He is great live too; seen him in a few small venues and he produces.
    Emotional, musical and slightly up himself.
    What's not to like?

  2. Great album and great artist with a mesmerizing voice. He has to be seen on stage. Goosebumps guaranteed! Looking forward to his third album and his forthcoming tour.

  3. #90 - ED HARCOURT - The Beautiful Lie

    - Singer/songwriter in the same vein as Baxter. Except this guy is bonkers. His music is creepy and all over the map, eclectic and eccentric. But for some reason I'm drawn to it. This album is his most accessible... and beautiful.

    Late Night Partner:

    Rain On The Pretty Ones:

  4. I'd been listening to Ed'd albums deciding which would make my list; they all have merit.
    This is the one I was lingering on; I'll try and talk myself out of it in the name of variety...

  5. I find Tom Baxter a little too middle of the road, but then I haven't dug very deep into his work.
    Ed Harcourt certainly has plenty of good songs but then almost as many that don't appeal to me. Maybe I need to check out'The Beautiful Lie'
    #90 for me is the collaboration of two of my favourite artists, Paul Haig and Billy MacKenzie with 'Memory Palace'

  6. Hi bertram def going to see him live next time around.
    Dam ed h is the first how could I forget him beautiful lie may edge it but I do love his latest
    I've not listened to memory palace phil but beyond the sun was in until the last moment


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