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Desert Island Discs 91 - Great Day for Gravity by King L

91 - Great Day For Gravity by King L 1995

Gary Clark decided to follow up the silky smooth Steely Dan  ish solo lp by forming a band and making some noise.

Some of best tunes he has written and the worst band name pretty much anyone could have chosen , Great Day For Gravity is a one of those lost lps that should have done much better.

I saw them play the lp live and it is one of the loudest concerts I'd been to. Released in the dying embers of grunge (my vote for the worst time in british music) the lp had a lot in common with some of those bands. The difference was that Gary Clark was writing the songs so instead of teenage american angst you got razor sharp pop tunes.

The below track is the most Nirvana in style

Tom Driver - King L

The lyrics have a directness that Danny Wilson lacked but still full of killer lines "I was only lying because thats what liars do"  , often take more of a short story / character study approach to the songs.

Tragedy Girl , Dumbest Story, etc stick quickly and linger long , helped by Neil MacColl's fantastic guitar playing

However there are a couple of quieter moments , a heart breaking track called two cars collide (worth the price of the lp alone) and this tale of a being bruised in hollywood

Don't Believe in Hollywood - King L

Don't believe in anywhere where the sky is always blue ( a bit ironic with the success Gary Clark has had in LA as a songwriter for hire)

I've waited much more in hope than any kind of expectation for a follow up but it seems this is going to remain a glorious one off

You can buy Great Day for Gravity here


  1. Awful band name. How about The Spastic Colons?
    Searched for "King L - 2 Cars Collide" video on Youtube, got what else... car crashes!

    #91 - PRETENDERS - Pretenders (1979)

    Cool Chrissie!

  2. In an effort to choose a favourite Boo album (a toughie) I was listening to Baptist Hospital which contains two or three of the songs on this fine album.
    How did they expect airplay with that name? Cute or stupid? Stupid I say. Joke? Is it some kind of joke? Ay, but laughter's short lived...
    Pretenders is one of the great 'guitar' albums. Still in awe of the... awesome 'Brass in Pocket' one of the finest SOUNDING songs of the 80s. (See also Nick Lowe's 'So it Goes'/I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass'. Nick Lowe! Now there's another dilemma of Booesque proportions... Not enough hours in the day etc.
    I'm getting highfalutingly highbrow for my 91.

  3. Hi Tim

    Pretenders one of those bands where iloved the singles but never really gave the lps a chance.

    Hi Trev - i think at that time there was a bit a circle of songwriters where they would write a song together and then both release it. A number writeen at songwirter weekends that Chris difford put on where peopel were paired up and had to play a finished song to the others at teh end of the weekend ... talk about peer group pressure!

  4. I met Chris Difford at a Ron Sexsmith gig (Borderline).
    He wasn't very friendly.
    Borderline rude...

  5. Great album, but one I hadn't played for years. So thanks for the nudge, really enjoyed listening today.
    Tim - Like David, I've only heard Pretenders singles. Love Brass in Pocket. So many memories from that time. The video seemed to be played all the time on TV
    OK , talking about unfortunate band names, my # 91 is June and the Exit Wounds - 'A little more Haven Hamilton,please'.Although it sounds like a punk or death metal band it is infact the recording name of American Todd Fletcher. A sweet mix of Brian Wilson meets Todd Rundgren.

  6. King L are completely new to me. And not just me, I'd guess. I hear more REM than Nirvana in Tom Driver.

    The Pretenders, however, was one of the first albums I bought and retains a place in my heart.

    June and the Exit Wounds sound far different to what I expected from the name! There's a bit of a mismatch there alright.

  7. Hi phil I thought I was the only person who bought the june lp
    Hi seamus some of the other tracks on the lp def have a catchy rem feel
    Been away all week without internet so looking forward on catching up on your choices


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