Thursday, 22 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 93- Draw by Matthew Jay

93 - Draw by Matthew Jay  2001

From a time when male singer songwriters were all the vogue instead of women and the record comanies search for another Jeff Buckley. Matthew Jay's debut lp on one hand is nothing special in that I'm sure a few of you will play these tracks and think well that sounds like a 100s others.

However I love this lp as the difference with Matthew Jay and the 100s of others is that he also knew how to write a great pop tune. He was just as good at doing the fragile as the sing along

The first lp was the only release when he was alive as he tragically died before the second was released.

Below is my favourite track with a film released on the 7th anniversary of his death by his family

It's been a long time since we hung around together in the street
And I miss those days, when the world would wait for us
With our crowd of friends we'd sit along the pavement near your house
'Till the sun came down and we brought the stars out

The opening verse captures that looking back on a childhood to perfection beforee the song takes a darker turn. When the world would wait for us and we brought the stars out gets me everytime. The duality of the song about the death of a childhood friend but with a sing along backing sums up a lot of what I like about the lp

Finally here he is with just voice and guitar in more traditionally singer songwriter mode , a life and talent cruelly cut short but with one hell of an lp as a legacy

Four minute Rebellion - Matthew Jay

You can buy Draw here


  1. Nice choice. "Always Going Too Soon" ends up on many of my comp CD's... outstanding song!

    #93 - PETER HIMMELMAN - Flown This Acid World (1992)

    - Bob Dylan's son-in-law, devout Orthodox Jew. Put out a few intelligent singer/songwriter type albums in the 90's, before moving to children's albums. Ranges from Springsteen type heartland rock to introspective ballads. Also a superb storyteller and extraordinary live act. Tom Petty's band plays on this album.

    Beneath The Damage & The Dust:

    Things To Say:

  2. Great choice David; top album; gone writer, soon to soon (etc)
    Himmerlan new to me; will take time with it. Petty's band were peaking about then so... should sound good!
    You might recognize your fingerprints on my number 94 over at:

    1. Actually Trev, try " From Strength To Strength" too. It may be a better intro... More subdued and acoustic, with a fine string of tunes that have aged better.

    2. OK, brought tonight...
      Thanks TT

  3. I'll echo Trev - new to me so will give it some time - although I warn you my starting point is Dylan as the most over rated artist going!!!!

  4. These artists are new to me. Homework to be done.
    I'm going back to my youth for my #93 Mott The Hoople - The Hoople.
    I really like the 3 albums Mott The Hoople made in the early to mid seventies.'The Hoople' just edges out 'Mott' and 'All The Young Dudes' for me.There's so much swagger on this album.It really is rock'n'roll.You can almost smell the whiskey.This is the standout track for me

  5. Fantastic Album Phil.
    Great video, with that guitarist that we all forgot... I think he was pre Ronson... Aerial Bender (pseudonym for Spooky Tooth's Luther Grosvenor).
    I love Mott; esp the ballads' Sea Diver etc.
    Have you read Hunter's 'Diary of a Rock 'n' Roll Star'?
    A riot; heartily recommended...


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