Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 94 Fitzcarraldo by the Frames

94 - Fitzcarraldo by the Frames 1996

It is one of those mysteries of life as to why one of Ireland's biggest bands is met with such disinterest here in the UK.

Fronted by the powerful voice (the dictionary definition of angst) of  the Commitments' guitarist Glen Hansard the Frames have 2 types of sound , emotionally draining quiet and emotionally draining loud. The fact that these 2 approaches would often appear in the same song had them in the their early days tagged as an Irish Nirvana

Their UK profile rose a bit in 1986 with the release of Ftzcarraldo as it was part produced by Trevor Horn. I think this lp just nudges a fine body of work due to the fact that the whole thing sits so well together and it features a number of my favourite Frames lps. Later lps have a more experienced feel but this one has a sense of them knowing what they were doing but still with that rawness of a relatively new band (it was their second lp)

The title track is simply immense

It isn't all bluster though , sometimes they are at their best when they are at their most delicate

Your Face - The Frames

You can buy the lp here


  1. #94 - ELECTRONIC - Twisted Tenderness (1999)


  2. Thatsa n interesting one Tim - I really liked this lp after being really disappointed with their second lp whihc was pants, however still found it a bit patchy and I would still go with the debut ahead of this one great lp as it is

  3. Johnny Marr puts a sheen of quality on everything TT...
    Fitzcarraldo was my first Frames album.
    Really liked its passion at the time.
    I love the delicate whisperer.
    The shouty man gets my goat.
    See also 'Elvis Costello'.
    Does this mean I'm getting old?

  4. far from it trev surely as hearing starts to fade shouty man will come into his own? The fact that dlicate whisperer still does it for you must mean you are in your prime!

  5. Twisted was a last second sub for the debut, which was an elegant beauty. Johnny is a master of the delicate acoustic thing, the ultimate jangle king, but here he just gives his instrument a vicious pounding that energizes and makes me feel like a kid again.
    His guitar should've wound up looking like that custom-built axe that Glen Hanssard strums...


  6. Not much of an authority on The Frames, I've not heard this album. I've only got 'For The Birds', which I love parts of, namely the excellent single 'Lay Me Down', 'Headlong' and 'What happens when the heart just stops'.I'll have to give more albums of theirs a listen. 'Fitzcarraldo' seems like a good a place as any to start.
    Tim - Electronic. Can't go wrong with Johnny Marr. Really looking forward to his debut album next spring. It's been a long time coming!
    # 94 for me Steven Lindsay - Exit Music. Good just as easily be 'Kite'. 2 great albums, and surely time for another

    1. Good call on 'Exit Music' Phil.
      It's the sound of Sunday Morning when Di's in command...

  7. Agreed, Kite & Exit equally good; but the latter my choice as well. For years I thought Lindsay's albums my little secret... Not so!

  8. Exit Music is on my list as well but higher up


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