Sunday, 18 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 95 - A Long Way From Somewhere

95 - A Long Way From Somewhere - Katkhuda 2008

Some lps on this list are full of stand out tracks, some however are more about mood and this is one of them.

Carrying on where he left off with Obi , Damien Katkhuda produced this debut lp full of subtle joy. There isn't really a stand out track. The songs never get above a slow pace. The real joy is in how the main acoustic guitar is backed with strings , pedal steel / slide guitar , piano and the quietest of trumpets , all sounding so intimate that it feel like they are in the front with you.

This is one of those lps made for lazing about to on a summers day

You fell into the Stars - Katkhuda

Here are a few more tracks from a performance at the Bestival festival

you can buy a copy of the lp here


  1. This is one of my favourites too. It appears later on my list. Has a bit of a Nick Drake feel to it , I think. Pop with a touch of folk. Calm and beautiful.
    # 95 for me is Andy Pawlak - Shoebox Full Of Secrets, Every time I put this on, I think 'Why wasn't this huge?"

  2. #95 - THE LILAC TIME - & Love For All (1990)

    - I get a feeling this one might appear later? So I'll shut up...

  3. Nice, another newy for me. His voice reminds me of Boo. I like all of the sound effects and whistles too...
    Lilac Time. Which album? There's the rub...

  4. Hi Phil - shoeboxs coming up soon in my top 125 and I go through exactly the same thought everytime i play it
    Tim - I've gone for a different lp
    Hi Trev agree teh little samples add a nice texture

    Also Phil - Mostar Diving Club lp now on preorder at hmv - out in the spring

  5. Thanks for the Mostar update. If the new single is anything to go by it's going to be a belter
    Tim - Mines a different lilac Time album aswell


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