Friday, 16 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 96 - Wicked Man's Rest by Passenger

96 - Wicked Man's Rest by Passenger 2007

At my last job a box of random cds appeared one day and we were told to help ourselves. I ended up picking the debut lp by the band Passenger on the strength of it's cover alone. What a result. Ten songs that are a little bit folk that combine interesting use of samples with jangly guitars and slightly off kilter vocals.

Walk You home starts as tale of unrequited love but soon moves on to a much darker theme all to a jaunty backing that skips along

The highlight of the lp is the title track. I've no idea what it is about but the lyrics paint some arresting imagery and the whole things creates a sense of menace and unease.

There really isn't a duff track on the lp , in fact the 3rd single was one of the weaker ones

I guess the vocals may be a little marmite, but for me it fits perfectly these 10 quirky confessional tales

Walk in the Rain - Passenger

You can buy Wicked Man's Rest here but I'm afraid it is for silly money  - not bad for a pure punt on the cover!


  1. I like this; never heard of Passengers before.
    They sound like they're in the back of a car driven (a little bit too fast) by Tom McRea...

  2. Another new one for me. Really like the music but that voice will take some getting used to.
    # 96 for me Louis Philippe - An Unknown Autumn

  3. Hi Trev I think the singer now records on his own but still using the passengers name - so maybe joined Tom Mcrae in the passenger seat

    Hi Phil not heard of this before cant find the lp but love teh track - amazon seems to have a few his lps just not the one you mention which is a shame

  4. Louis Philippe is very generous with his can make a lovely compilation from this little lot

  5. Crap, I'm late for class, Obscure Musicians - 101... today, Passenger & Louis Philippe. I've got lots of homework to do here...

    Passenger: The helium-vocals do take some adjusting to, but the music is very catchy.

    Louis Philippe: Phil where on earth did you find this guy? I listened to a few random samples from his enormous catalog. A grand variety... some cheesy lounge tunes, some hooky pop, then I came across his 'orchestral' album "AZURE"... this one is really, really, really fantastic! Absolutely beautiful.
    I hope you don't mind if I share a few clips here that bowled me over; one a Geaorge Best tribute, another is an XTC cover:

    Your Life:
    An Ordinary Girl:
    I Can't Own Her:
    When Georgie Died:

    Thanks Phil. Seems trouble a brewing over there... Stay safe.

    Meanwhile, I'll limp in very late with another of my teenage time-capsule entries, which still sounds great. The art-rock classic...

    #96 - SUPERTRAMP - Crime of The Century (1974)

  6. Tim - Glad you're enjoying sieving through Phillipes vast back catalogue, it'll take some doing .He's not short of great tracks, but I found 'An Unknown Autumn' the only album that doesn't have my finger poised over the skip button.
    He's no slouch when he's helping others too. His string arrangements on The Clienteles 'God Save The Clientele' helped them fulfil their potential.
    and yeah , Tim ,those Hamas boys are getting frisky

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