Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 97 - The Swell Season by The Swell Season

97 The Swell Season by The Swell Season 2006

Glen Hansard former Commitment and singer songwriter with the Frames (more of them later) started a side project with Czech singer and pianist Markéta Irglová. The songs were recorded in 7 days with added strings.

He apparently sent a tape of the rough mix to Brian Eno who told him to release it exactly as it was

The duo ended up appearing in the film Once (now strangely a musical) with some of the lps songs featured included one that when on to win the Oscar

The whole lp is a subtle delight of heartbreak and pure emotion.

Lies - The Swell Season

You can buy the lp here and it is classic that kind of got lost in the film's success, and deserves to be heard on its own merits


  1. I've never really listened to this although a friend who is allergic to The Frames recommended it very strongly. I've never even seen Once, although I do own the DVD.

  2. #97 - Wild Swans - Bringing Home The Ashes (1988)

    - This was tough. Coldest Winter has some of their best tunes. BHTA may sound a little dated, but so consistently song strong that I've got go with this one...

    Tim (@ Rock Hill, South Carolina, driving home.)

  3. I love this album David.
    The Frames were all bluff and bluster; some fine moments but too much overwrought shouting and (what seemed to me) faux emotion. This seems very honest and sincere. The film is a charmer too...
    My 98 is familiar too you all...

  4. Ditto Trev's comments re: Frames. I prefer Swell Season. Nice, albeit perhaps a bit overated. Just my opinion!

    TT - just boarding the car, preparing to race through Redneck country, dodging evil televangelists & country music (on the radio)...

  5. Although I'm familiar with The Frames, Swell Season are a new name for me. Really sound like they're worth checking out.
    Tim - Good choice.'Bringing home the ashes' is a good one for a nostalgia rush.
    Trev - At last an album I've heard ( and love).Coming shortly on my list
    #97 for me is the debut solo album from ex Josef K, Orange Juice and Aztec Camera guitarist Malcolm Ross - Low Shot

  6. Hi Seamus - both this and the follow up are worth checking out
    Trev as you'd expect it is on my list but quite a bit higher

    Tim love this lp but was so blown away by last yers release that it shunted brining home the ashes off the chart

    Phil - I've not hear MR's lp so will be following your link

    I'm with you all on the Frames comments each of their lps seem to have a number of songs I like but alos some that are just as Trev said too shouty..... all except one lp that feature a little bit higher up


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