Monday, 12 November 2012

Desert Island Discs 98 - Tom Here's the Weather by Shack

98 Tom Here's the Weather by Shack 2003

Second appearance by the Head brothers, after the Pale Fountains comes Shack. Although HMS Fable has one of my favourite singles in Comedy on it, the follow up just pips it.

Recorded in only 7 weeks , there is the usual classic 60s songwriting all with a woozy summery feel. A great example is this melt in the ears ballad

The Girl With the Long Brown Hair - Shack

They add in strings and horns to the guitars and plaintive vocals. The whole lp feels quite under stated even with the slightly psychedelic guitars in Chinatown

This strange clip seems to have the recorded version dubbing a live performance from when they supported Oasis. Either way Miles Apart is a lovely tune and one of John rather than Michael's songs

You can get Tom Here's the Weather here


  1. #98 - CLUB 8 - The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming (2007)

    Swedish band Club 8 is just one of Johan Angergard's many musical projects, along with Acid House Kings, The Legends & Poprace. Here, his gift for bittersweet pop melody combines with the angelic whisper of Karolina Komstedt. Nothing ground-breaking, just 12 delicate little pop tunes.
    I'm such a sucker for the voice of a seductive Ice Maiden, can't decide which samples to include, so here's a bunch of 'em...

    Whatever You Want:
    Jesus Walk With Me:
    Football Kids:
    In the Morning:
    JWWM (live):

  2. Thanks Tim - I've got a couple of Acid House King tunes but nothing by Club 8

  3. "Recorded in only 7 weeks"?
    That's 49 days!
    They certainly made good use of their time...
    Meanwhile, I continue to stalk Lisa...

  4. It is a great lp 9for soem reason i've got this one but not her debut)

    1. I think found the debut a bit lifeless...
      Must revisit...

  5. I really wanted 'Waterpistol' to be my favourite Shack album. The whole story surrounding the album is now legendary. In the end it had to be this one though.
    Club 8 are big favourites of mine. 'The boy who couldn't stop dreaming' is their best. Didn't like their last album though. Lots of African rhythms going on.
    My #98 The Daintees - Boat to Bolivia

  6. I think a lot of us have a soft spot for Waterpistol...
    Apparently, I've got a gap in my Shack collection: "Corner Of Miles and Gil." Anybody got an opinion on how it stacks up?

    Phil, you're right about Club 8's latest release. It's a real departure, in the wrong direction! A lot like Richard Hawley's most recent adventures. It's hard to fathom as both have great reviews.

  7. I've got the same gap Tim
    Phi Boat to Bolivia is alot higher for me but that is probably more to do with memories of poly

  8. Corner of Miles and Gil is my least favourite Shack album, but after saying that ,it is Shack and it's still pretty good!
    More jazzy and psychedelic than their other albums.The tracks 'Butterfly' and 'Moonshine ' even remind me a little of Oasis. Stand out tracks , for me, are 'Tie me dowm' and 'cup of tea'where they sound at their melodic best. Well worth buying!

  9. Thanks! Will have to check it out...


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