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Desert Island Discs 99 - Remembrance Days by Dream Academy

99 Remembrance Days by The Dream Academy 1987

Some bands never top their debut lp and some use their debut as a springboard to better things. The Dream Academy is in the second group. Much as I loved the debut , it is the second lp Remembrance Days where I think they hit their peak. It just felt a more confident , cohesive collection. Even the cover of the Korgi's Everybody's Gotta Learn fits seamlessly and although not radically different to the original, somehow doesn't feel like a cover.

Lindsey Buckingham had a hand in the production and the ghost of 80s Fleetwood Mac can be felt in the smoothness of the sound

Opening single Indian Summer sets the tome and tries to repeat the chanting trick of Life in a Northern Town. I love the seagulls and the piano at the start the way the song builds and builds

There are some great pop tunes but it is the more reflective songs that work best.

I've posted 2 tracks the first has some wonderful harmonies over a Beatley tune and the second returns to the subject of Love parade from the first lp , the singers long term affair with a married woman.

Hampstead Girl - The Dream Academy

Ballad in 4/4 - the Dream Academy

You can get the lp here for silly money


  1. Never understood why Dream Academy took such a shit-kicking from the press. This is a good solid record. Up on my list... The follow-up 'Different Kind Of Weather' may be even better, but spoiled by lead track, a bloody awful Lennon cover. Why didn't they use this gorgeous Smith's cover instead???

    #99 - THE OCEAN BLUE -Beneath The Rhythm & Sound (1993)

    - we've already chatted about this entry somewhere earlier, so won't belabor it.


  2. Nice. I want to live in that house...
    My 99 is Over the Rhine's 'Drunkard's Prayer

  3. Tim - totally agree about the awful lennon cover

    Trev - I did ...well at least for a week this summer!

  4. I've picked the same Dream Academy album,but I have it 50 places higher. Really like all 3 of their albums, but this just knicked it for me.Indian Summer was a great single and as you say they made the Korgis classic their own. By the way I really like Nick Laird Clowes solo album under the name Trashmonk. Not at all like Dream Academy but an enjoyable listen all the same.
    Tim - Got my Ocean Blue mini disc out after the last time you mentioned them. Really good, don't know why I haven't got any of their CD's. I was introduced to them by the same guy that introduced me to the Trashcan Sinatras and think their sound is very similar. Wow ,that's going back 20 years!
    My # 99 Scritti Politti - Cupid and Psyche 85. Quite probably too low a position now I think about it!

  5. Hey Phil, I didn't know about Trashmonk. Should I?
    Just watched this video by Mr. Clowes documenting making of that album. Dead ringer for Cliff Richard!
    His behavior and shit-hole flat makes me wonder if he tumbled deep into unhinged Syd Barrett neighborhood?

  6. Oops... here's that loopy Trashmonk video clip:

  7. Hi Tim

    it does seem like he is a troubled soul! - Nothing been heard of him for a while now

  8. I think he's really a bit of a hippy at heart. The Trashmonk album was recorded after he spent a year or so in a monistary. He's keeping busy nowadays recording music for films.
    Tim - If you'd like a copy of Mona Lisa Overdrive, send me your address to and I'll get it put in the mail to you


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