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desert island discs 78 Daisies of the Galaxy by Eels

78 Daisies of the Galaxy by Eels 2000

yes I am intense , quite obsessed

Mark Everett or Eels as he records as, has experienced  tragedy followed  by tragedy, as part of his coping mechanism is to turn the experiences into something positive ie his music. For those who don't know, this is what has happened to his family

Father - a genius who developed the theory of multiple universes, who died of a heart attack , Eels discovered the body.

Sister - committed suicide

Mother - died of cancer

Cousin - was an air stewardess on the hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon.
Daisies from the Galaxy sees him coming out the other end of this and is an lp of joyous tunes full of optimism

Ignore the awful video (the song was used in one of the endless American films that became the bastard children of American Pie) and I defy you to listen to Mr E's Beautiful Blues without smiling.

The lp starts with what sounds like a New Orleans funeral march before launching into a great little pop song that skips along

Grace Kelly Blues - Eels

Somehow the line  Royal Families don't have time for all that shit sums up what I love about Eels and this lp especially.

It isn't all sweetness and light . Its a Mother fucker is one of her best sad songs going built around a lovely piano refrain

It's a Motherfucker  - Eels

A lot of the songs are at the perfect pop song time of 3 mins ,  and some of the melodies almost child  like with the sweetness of the backing complimenting the sourness of Eel's slightly gruff and strained vocal.

Like listening in on one man's therapy session backed by gorgeous tunes

You can buy Daisies here


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. I've only sporadically followed E's career, enjoying his more lush tunes; passing on the quirky Beck-ish stuff. I haven't listened to this one, but it sounds promising. I do like his last album 'Tomorrow Morning'... Became aware of it from a sampler CD, Uncut I think? Hard to believe, but it's almost an uplifting gospel album! With such a heartbreaking bio it's hard not to be moved by Mr. E's somehow crawling his way out of the darkness...

    - in contrast with TJ's sublime #78 Pablo Casal's entry, I'm going with the infectiously catchy but lyrically ridiculous...

    #78 - PHOENIX- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009)

  3. Hi Tim I've lost touch with Eels later stuff . Need to give Pheonix a proper listen as they tick all my boxes but not really heard any of their stuff

    thanks for the comment anon

  4. Another prolific writer... this and its predecessor, the raw 'Electro Shock Blues' are may fav's (although 'Blinking Lights' would have made a great single album).
    His auto biography is hilarious & harrowing...

  5. Totally agree Trev on blinking and his book although his matter of fact resilience also makes it oddly uplifting

  6. Yet another artist that I need to investigate. I've heard various tracks that I like and he certainly seems an interesting character.
    I'll go and scout e-bay for 'Daisys'
    #78 Orchestral Manouvers In The Dark s/t debut. This is an album that brings back so many memories from my college days. I first heard 'Electricity' on the dancefloor of a favourite club and it has remained one of my favourite tracks by them.The album still gets a regular airing 30 odd years later.
    Who's going to start a best of 2012 list?

  7. Hi Phil

    favs of the year coming soon ! - OMD are on my list but a different more predictable lp


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