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Desert Island Discs 82 Plenty by Red Box

82 Plenty by Red Box 2010

There was a time when Red Box's second lp Motive would have  been comfortably placed in the heart of my top 125. Then out of the blue a couple of years ago the third lp Plenty appeared. A joy in adult songwriting the chants and nursery rhyme lyrics replaced with slower songs of introspection. The stripped down simpler backing lets the songs breathe.

Occasionally straying to Coldplay territory especially in Hurricane which really should have been all over the radio

Unforeseen success in Poland has even led to a video being made for one of the singles

At the heart of the lp is a set of gorgeous songs of love and loss

I remember when I first played the lp I had a nervousness of hoping after all this time that it wouldn't be a let down. I'm not sure what i expected, I knew deep down there was no way it could be a Motive part 2 , the world had moved on for 20 years but from the opening chords of the first track I knew i needn't have worried.

Stay - Red Box

What started off as a great surprise has ended up one of those lps that I try and force on anyone who comes round.

You can buy Plenty here


  1. When I first started following your blog a couple of years ago, you featured Plenty, and I remember thinking that there is no way in hell that I would ever have discovered this wonderful album on my own. Right up my alley with some of the prettiest melodies I'd heard in awhile. Beholden to you for sharing!

    Which brings me to another artist that I wouldn't have given a chance without your nudge. When this album came out in '87, I don't think I would have been patient or mature enough to appreciate the cerebral delicacy of it all, in addition to the fact that the few tunes that I had heard from other albums just seemed damned strange. But somewhere wandering through your blog I stumbled across a live version of Happiness and was mesmerized. I immediately bought the album, and although it is still a little out of my comfort zone I've developed a great fondness for it, and in the future will probably continue to creep up on my list... a true "grower". I have a feeling this may chart with others so I'll shut up. Again, I appreciate your kindly introducing me to...

    #82 - DAVID SYLVIAN - Voices Of The Beehive (1987)

  2. 'Plenty' is a big hug of an album; up there with Eg's work as real 'comfort' album.
    I assume that you are referring to 'Secrets of the Beehive' TT.
    What with David and his 'Baldrunner' and this... there's only so much room on the naughty step.
    Secrets is one of my top 20 records; feel like I'l in some luxuriant cocoon when I listen to it. Remember 'getting it' in 87 and feeling very adult...

  3. What a boner!!! Too many beers last night... I'm going back to drinking Kool-aid. Thanks for the correction professor!

  4. Secrets features much higher for me too

    Trev - should you or i inform Tim that what a boner has a whole different meaning in the uk?

  5. BONER definition:

    1 - an obvious blunder; a silly error; a gaffe. (See also pull a boner.) ex: "What a boner! You must be embarrassed."

    2 - (slang) bone. an erection. ex: "He always gets a boner when he doesn't need it and never when he does."

    OK, so much for highbrow intellectual Brits...

    I've figured out the reason for my blunder. In the 80's there was a band going by the moniker "Voice of the Beehive"... Heard of the band? Consisted of a couple of LA gals, and members of Madness and That Petrol Emotion. I remember them being kinda like the Go-Gos/B-52s. I somehow mixed 'em up. Anyway, that's my flaccid excuse for my erection...

  6. Flaccid but still a failure TT.
    I say 40 jumping jacks and a 4 page (full scap) essay on the sex life of a ping pong ball.
    That'll teach you...
    Btw, just played squash v an opponent with a permanent 'boner' (nowt to do with me; I think it's a testosterone thing; really off putting...)
    Also; "too many beers' seldom results in "a boner"; not least in these parts...

  7. This album also came to my attention thanks to this blog.Would have completely passed me by otherwise. Much prefer this to their 80's output.
    Secrets of the Beehive I bought on cassette when it first came out and is one of far too many albums I never rebought on CD, therefor I've not listened to it for years, but I remember loving it. No place on my list but I do have a Japan album
    #82 Friends Again - Trapped and Unwrapped. Still find it strange that The Bluebells were high in the charts back in 84 and this album was completely ignored by the masses

  8. Trev, are you serious? Playing squash with a dude with a woody? Yuck, that would give me the willies! Surely that's an obstruction penalty in itself! Hope you were wearing goggles. Wouldn't want to put an eye out...

    What the hell is full scap? I remember foolscap paper from elementary school. Haven't heard that term for 45 years!
    Interesting note: I was chatting with a teacher on the beach yesterday. Did you know that in the US they've eliminated cursive writing from the curriculum? Progress???

    PS: Sorry Dave, this is getting silly...

  9. I agree with tim there surelu must be a points penalty for playing sprt with a stiffy

  10. After all these years is 'Full Scap' really 'Foolscap'?
    Well I'll be dumbed...
    "Playing a dude with a woody" would give you the willies TT?
    And playing sprt (spurt?) with a stiffy Dave?
    We're definitely massaging Tim's Frankie Howard/Bennie Hill obsessions...
    Stop it!
    Stop it right now!


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