Sunday, 2 December 2012

Desert Island discs 88 - Trapped and Unwrapped by Friends Again

88 - Trapped and Unwrapped by Friends Again 1984

I'm afraid this is almost a repeat post from a week of posts I did on this band and what it splintered into a while back

One lp , 4 singles , 3 of which would be in a top 125 of my favourite singles was all that Friends again delivered before Chris Thomson and James Grant broke up the band to form the Bathers and Love and Money. From a time when Scottish music meant big guitars with short straps , a pop, soul , funk cross over , sharp cheek bones, and obtuse lyrics.

Trapped and Unwrapped is one great jangly summer record, close to Orange Juice in spirit but also Haircut 100 in sound it is a lost pop classic with every track a potential single.

State of Art used to be a fixture on pretty much every compilation cassette i made and forced on people and is so good that it manages to transcend the awful video. It features a guitar solo that James Grant would take with him along with the band's rhythm section to Love and Money

For Honey at the core not strictly a Friends Again clip but a relatively recent acoustic version from Chris Thomson and James Grant. The quality is not good but worth having a look for a spine shiver moment. The lyrics were always a puzzle and for years i though he was on about Barbara Castle falling down as some political statement! I was never quite sure about the moon boots fixation either.

Finally Sunkissed which would have could have been the title for the whole lp

Sunkissed - Friends Again

oh yeah my my

a dated sound but timeless pop which I cant help feeling I should have put a lot higher

As with the last post if you want to buy a copy then good hunting


  1. I loved this album; seemed sophisticated at the time: poetry & pop; big hair and pleated pants seemed a perfect combo; as did the bitter sweet/Lennon McCartney thing.
    I'm glad that Thomson and Grant split to do their own perfect things...

  2. Has aged a bit but still a very pleasant earworm. Always gotta love Grant'stasteful guitar work.

    #88 - CHINA CRISIS - Flaunt The Imperfection

    I wish I had my CD collection here to review how well/poorly this one has aged. My old LP/cassette/CD certainly got a lot of play on my stereo back in the 80's. I'm hoping it still sounds cool...


  3. Agree Treve best example of sum of the parts etc. Tim this one was so close to my top 125 and lost out in a late review, smooth as hell but just quirky enough to avoid dinner party hell

  4. This was so close to snap! I have it just a few places higher.
    I came accross this recent footage of James Grant doing a rather wonderful rendition of 'State of Art'
    # 88 for me is the already mentioned Finn Brothers - Everyone is Here

  5. Nifty clip Phil. James Grant is some mean flatpicker, and truly one of the best voices anywhere...


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