Thursday, 31 January 2013

Desert Island Discs 58 Suede by Suede

  58 Suede by Suede 1993

The sound of sex and depression by Britpop's John the Baptists. Sure it was all rehashed Bowie but compared to Grunge it was sleazy, glamorous and more importantly it was suburbia , high rise based and seemed to swagger in its englishness.

It was the sound of a singer and a guitarist seemingly in a spiralling competition as to who could outdo each other.

For the 3rd single they had added a pop chart sheen

Looking back it is all so frighteningly calculated to shock or at least ensure column inches, but then isn't that calculation what pop is all about. If you want earnest ... well where is the fun in that.

The real surprise on the lp was the big sweeping ballads made the whole thing feel timeless and wrestled music back from across the water

She's Not Dead - Suede

A lot of people would probably point to the follow up Dog Man Star as their classic although I prefer the leanness of the debut

 I think I also knew that this was probably the last time that I would be in tune with whatever the press decided was the "next big thing" without reacting well it is just a watered down version of ..... , which is ironic as Suede more than most paraded their influences in front of them.

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  1. I always felt like I should have liked Suede more than I did.They've a great vocalist with a unique voice together with guitar laden shimmering pop tunes but somehow they just didn't connect with me. One of the bands that I buy the 'Best of' only , I'm afraid. They were really popular over here in Israel by the way!
    # 58 is an album you've already covered The Human League - Dare

  2. Yes, similar to yourself in getting this when it was hyped but coming out in hives when presented with further next big things. I guess you move from being excited that people share influences you recognise to being bored by same.

  3. - Not a fan of Anderson's early creepy glam antics. Oddly enough I do like the Stephen Street produced 'A New Morning'... Positivity, Lonely Girls, Rain Falls, You Belong To Me... a bunch of straight-up pop tunes, minus the sleaze. Oh, I forgot that I do love 'She's In Fashion'... I remember hearing it in a record shop, and inquiring about the tune, shocked that I could be fond of a Suede song!!!

    #58 - BEAUTIFUL SOUTH - Choke (1990)

    - Phil picked Blue Is The Color, a great BS record. So hard to pick my own favorite, but I'll go with their sophomore release; contains what I think is Heaton's sweetest vocal, paired with a perfect Bacharach type arrangement... "Let Love Speak Up Itself":

    TT (late for class again, settling into Florida sunshine...)

  4. Hi all
    if you've not heard them some of his solo stuff is fantastic - mainly him piano and cello


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