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Desert Island Discs 64 Planet Fabulous by Something Happens

64 Planet Fabulous by Something Happens 1994

Something Happens pretty much follow  the same criteria and pattern as The Fat Lady Sings except for a much worse dress sense and lp cover designs.

It could have been 2nd lp Stuck Together With Gods Glue which has the big pop tunes, but instead I've gone for the mellower final lp Planet Fabulous. ( The 3rd was for some reason a real stinker).

There are still some big sing along moments in the title track and 70s Wedding   .. "where the music is crap and the clothes do your head in"

However the lp is mainly made up of quirky songs that sit around the 2 1/2 mins mark. As a result it can be a bit of a hotch potch of styles , with songs often leaving you wanting an extra verse.

Wind's Future Wife by Something Happens

They certainly doesn't push any boundaries and for me it is pure comfort food music but I love the sense of melancholy that runs through all their songs

Here Comes the Soldiers by Something Happens

I read everything that you wrote and it seemed like you were living my life much better than I was

Planet fabulous is a tad rare but there is a best of out there that you can get very cheaply here which has a lot of great stuff on it. A shame about the bland name as it was originally called "The Beatings Will Continue until Morale Improves"  - until I assume the record company thought enough was enough


  1. I have 'God's Glue' and then lost sight... this is worth investigating.
    I fell behind then leapt ahead; back on track; just on your shoulder skipper...

  2. Hi Trev

    it is a bit of a gem without setting the world on fire.

  3. Another new name for me, Like the tracks you've posted, so another rummage on e-bay.
    #64 Gary Clark - '10 short songs about love'.I know he's making a tidy living as a songwriter but it would be nice to think he may release another album someday.

  4. Not heard of this band either. I had a look at some of the rock star posturing/big hair videos of earlier albums... Yikes! But the tracks you posted are short & sweet.
    Speaking of short & sweet...

    #64 - Midair - Paul Buchanan (2012)

    - not quite the PB album I dreamed of. I still yearn for that extra verse, bridge, banjo solo? But it truly is a small, good thing...

  5. Hi Tim

    try and ignore the dress sense and the big hair. They occaisional cant resist the urge to rock out but aprt from teh awful 3rd lp Daisyhead they are all about melody. The first lp Been there Seen that done that marries the 2 together really well the second had their almost hit Parachute and big pop songs whereas the 4th planet fabulous is slightly more quirky.

    I agree Phil just cant see it happening but I hope likeEg White the itch is still there and he sneaks out another solo lp

  6. Been There Seen That Done That is a classic and the cover ain't so bad either!!

  7. totally agree iano been there has some gorgeous songs on ... but it was downhill on the covers front after that!

  8. Agree on the covers issue. At least he turned out to be a decent DJ!

  9. Still remember their version of Borderline with affection. Always got a singalong going at early gigs. Never really followed on gigs with albums. Not sure why.

  10. Hi Seamus

    i saw tehm live once I'm not sure who they were supporting maybe the icicle works , one opf the few support bands i've seenthat managed to stop that "gig chatter" that goes on before the main band are on

  11. The third gig I was ever at was a Something Happens gig in The Stadium Dublin!!! Needless to say my jaw dropped!! A spotty teenager had arrived in the world!!!


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