Saturday, 5 January 2013

Desert Island Discs 71 Exit Music by Steven Lindsay

71 Exit Music by Steven Lindsay 2004

Another day another break up lp. Thirteen years after the last Big Dish lp , lead singer Steven Lindsay returns with his first solo lp of piano and string driven songs built around the divorce from his wife.

The arrangements and sparse and his voice has become richer with age, suiting the more mournful songs to perfection. It is one of those lps that is great to wallow in but be warned its not for those wanting  a pick me up as beautiful as it is , it is a good mood killer.

There isn't really any bitterness to break the mood , only hinted at in Shoot the Breeze - and were you with me anyway,   it is only meditation on sorry memory and regret ...  a kind of how on earth did we let that happen

Goodnight by Steven Lindsay

Valentine by Steven Lindsay

I'm reaching the ending of the line
I'm sending you my only valentine

You can buy Exit Music here


  1. First became aware of Lindsay through his work with Lloyd Cole on Love Story; worked my way backward to Big Dish. For years I thought Exit Music/Kite my little secret, then one day I visited Di Holmes website, and I hear Shoot The Breeze/November/Valentine/Goodnight playing as background music... Such a sad beauty, I've got it a bit higher.

    #71 - THE SILENCERS - Blues For Buddha (1988)

    - Flip-flopping between this and Dance To The Holy Man, which is probably the better album and contains the lovely "One Inch Of Heaven", but edged out because of my fave "Scottish Rain"...

    Scottish Rain:
    One Inch Of Heaven (from DTTHM):

  2. An excellent album that I put a little lower. Prefer his solo work to The Big Dish.
    ..and Tim, another very good choice. I think I'd go for Blues with Buddha as my favourite Silencers album aswell.
    # 71 M. Ward - A wasteland companion. Second favourite album of 2012. Musical styles all over the place , but every track a beauty. A real grower.
    A couple of tracks to see the huge variations in style

  3. Beautiful 'easy listening' for melancholics; although strangely (happy) Di's favourite Sunday morning cd...

  4. the silencers almost made my list and it would have been a toss up between those 2 lps as well - apols ofr lack of responses been struck by the dreaded winter bug

  5. I was introduced to The Fat Lady Sings by a good friend who often had their debut on when we'd be sat around drinking. Really liked it but forgot all about them 'till I picked up Johnson in a second hand record shop quite a few years later.It's a good album but prefer the debut.
    Tim - Have to agree with Trev, Nick Drake should be much higher!
    #70 for me , and back to the seventies,Lou Reed - Transformer. I'm not a huge fan of Reed or The Velvets but this album sounds great,helped in no small part to the Bowie /Ronson production. All my favourite Lou Reed songs are on this album.

  6. Somehow managed to post that in the wrong place....duh


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