Thursday, 3 January 2013

Desert Island Discs 72 - The House of Love by the House of Love

72 - The House of Love by The House of Love 1988

In the guitar wilderness between the Smiths and Suede, ploughing  a lone furrow against the invasion of grunge , for one year The House of Ove were the most exciting band in the country, they were contenders. Drugs , depression , major label intereference , a messy divorce bewtween the 2 main creative talents all meant that they faded away.

However in 1988 they shone brightly.

I was at poly in Leeds when this came out and along with the Wedding Present they provided a sense of  energy and sharp edges that contrasted with a lot of the smooth Steely Dan influenced bands I was listening to at the time. They also came across as wonderfully aloof as all good guitar bands should be!

Christine and the non lp single Destroy the Heart became a staple of the weds night poly discos (at which your shoes would end up caked in a strange reddy brown gunge known as poly crap).

Drawing a straight line from the early Bunnymen lps I was worried that the 10 variations on a Christine theme would stretch a bit thin. However the rest of the lp is more about melody and some fantastic guitar playing by Terry Bickers who somehow got lost between Marr and Butler

Hope - House of Love

Recently re released in 3 disc glory you can get a copy here.

Everytime I listen to this , I can't help thinking what could have been


  1. God, this takes me back. I haven't listened to this since the year it came out, I'd say. Used to get slagged off for looking like Guy Chadwick by some friends at the time. Probably poisoned me against them.
    Am tempted to get up and dance to Christine though. It was unavoidable for a while at student discos in Dublin as well. Swirling in overcoats on the dance floor. Indoors. Holding flowers left over from that Smiths infatuation.

  2. Gosh, it's been ages since I've heard HOL...

    #72 - JOSEPH ARTHUR - Redemption's Son (2002)

    - a Peter Gabriel discovery, another in that gang of elegantly eclectic/eccentric/erratic singer-songwriter types like Ed Harcourt/Joe Henry/Jeff Buckley/Todd Rundgren. This album clocks in at an overindugent 75 minutes, and features some mad-genius weirdness, but also hooks-a-plenty which I can't resist...
    Sorry, can't find clips I wanted from this album, but these give a taste:

    Honey & The Moon:
    In The Sun:
    Out On A Limb:
    Almost Blue:

  3. they were sucked into that post smiths vacuum!
    Their 3rd lp Babe rainbow is a bit of a lost classic
    Yet another guitarist and singer who fell out!

  4. This is an album, and band for that matter, that completely passed me by.I always thought House of Love were part of the Madchester scene,looks like I got it wrong.
    #72 for me and more Terry Hall .The Colourfield - Virgins and Philistines.

  5. Hi phil
    They really could have been massive but royally cocked it up

  6. April Fools Day (yes) sees the release of their new album, 'She Paints Words in Red'

  7. thanks for the tip off anon I'm getting my order in

  8. Another bunch of 'oldies' making a comeback..? (he said from the depths of the studio...)


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