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Desert island Discs 54 Dogs in Traffic by Love and Money

54 Dogs in Traffic by Love and Money 1991

I think I can hear the shouts of too low as I type. Formed from the ashes of Friends Again , Love and Money seemed destined for great things. The 1st lp didn't really take off (it was a strange mixture of the sublime and the awful) but that didn't stop the record company throwing loads of money at the follow up Strange Kind of Love. The whole thing is was polished within an inch of its life by Steely Dan producer Gary Katz. I could have easily gone for this lp but instead my favourite is the troubled third lp

Dogs in Traffic had a painful birth with the original lp titled The Mother's Boy rejected by the record company (incidentally some of the songs have finally seen the light of day on this year's Devil's Debt)

The lp was re recorded with new songs and features a more stripped down approach. Gone were the cod funk slabs of guitar music that drowned some of the tracks on the first 2 lps to be replaced by a much more melodic approach

The first single much as I love it was a strange choice with its jazzier backing

The lp gets off to a masterful start with the gorgeous  Winter

What follows are a series of short stories and melt in your mouth ballads sounding like they come from the heart of the mid west rather than the heart of Glasgow's west end.

Lips Like Ether - Love and Money

The final single Looking for Angeline proved to be a bit of a nail in their coffin as Phonogram cut their loses and the 4th lp, released independently with no promotion, saw them fizzle out until this years excellent Devil's Debt

The lp now goes for silly money but you can get it as a download here


  1. Can you hear me shouting?! Three of my absolute favorite James Grant songs here (Winter, Give Up, Ether) but my pick is the shiny one, coming up much later...!

    #54 - HEM - Rabbit Songs (2001)

    - pigeon-holed with the 'Americana' tag, this band is so much more... sophisticated, timeless and blessed with the angelic voice of Sally Ellison; tasteful use of pedal steel on par with Miracle Mile. All albums highly recommended; I chose the debut because of 'first exposure' syndrome. Listening to clips, realize I buggered up. This should be in my top 30...
    Really worth a listen even for those scared off by the "genre."

    Stupid Mouth Shut:
    Idle (Rabbit Song):
    Half Acre:

  2. Yeah, a big TOO LOW! from me too. Adore this album. Been in my top 10 for 20+ years.
    Tim - HEM new to me but I'm off to buy the album, those clips are gorgeous.
    # 54 John Foxx - In Mysterious Ways. I really could have gone for any one of the 4 virgin albums, but the title track and Eddi Readers backing vocals helped this one just edge clear.

  3. Hi Tim as with Phil new to me but really like it
    Hi Phil got into John Foxx very late but this is a great lp didn't realise ER had done backing vocals

  4. I always think of this as solo Grant for some reason; the band seemed to take a back seat to the (lovely) set of songs.
    HEM a cracker TT; they still work the same seam; a bit like The Innocence Mission; if it ain't broke...


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