Saturday, 2 February 2013

desert Island Discs 57 - Set Yourself on Fire by Stars

Set Yourself on Fire - Stars  2004

In hindsight probably a lot higher than it should be. Bought on the back of a review that mentioned Prefab Sprout., the opening track soon became and stayed my favourite song of the year.

It has got a great conversational lyric and I'm a sucker for a boy girl dual narrative

Mixing bits of the Smiths . Saint Etienne and New Order to make the smartest indie with a heart music, the Canadian band produced 13 perfect little relationship dramas with just enough of a bite to balance the sweetness

Calendar Girl  by Stars


  1. - Can't argue with this one! Calender Girl my all-time favorite Stars tune.

    #58 - JAMES GRANT - Sawdust In My Veins (2000)

    - this middling placement of JG might get TJ's goat... Solo stuff great; I just prefer his more lively L&M output a little more.

  2. I'm with you there Tim on the L & M stuff just a bit more light and shade

  3. This countdown is in danger of becoming very expensive to me. Or at least, if I don't check my record collection first... turns out I already owned this album. Must go give it another listen.

  4. The reason I didn't recognise it immediately is that my copy has a very different cover to the one you pictured above.

  5. Nice. I also have a soft spot for the earlier romance of 'Heart'.
    TT: Goat got!

  6. Hi Rol - this confused me s well - I'm assuming you have the on with the guy in the mask on
    Hi Trev agree Heart is great as well , in fact it has been a tad downhill ever since

  7. Very good album, but my favourite has to be 'In our bedroom after the war', maybe 'cause this was my introduction to the band.
    TT - Another great album. 'Pray the dawn' has to be one of the best songs penned by Grant. Really don't know if I prefer him solo or with L&M.I've a different solo album in my top 10 together with a Love and Money album.
    # 58 The Aluminum Group - Wonder Boy
    They've some excellent tracks spread over all their output,and I think this is the least patchy. They can get a bit arty but when they stick to chamber/ lounge pop they're at their strongest.
    and this is a fantastic cover of a song I used to hate!
    I must recommend the Marina released album 'Introducing' if you want the best of their material ,but it is missing this great bit of'Pop'

    1. Thought this was new to me Phil but notice I have 'Plano' on the iPod. How did that get there?

  8. Hi Phil

    this is one of those groups I followed up on form a track you put on a comp cd


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