Thursday, 28 March 2013

Desert Island Discs 30 Gravity by Balloon

30 Gravity by Balloon 1992

Okay so now we are in to the serious stuff .. the top 30. To kick things off here is a genuine lost classic , hidden gem , should have been a contender.

There was a time when I seriously thought I was the only person to own this lp, until Trev from hissyfit burst that bubble on a previous post.

Ahead of its and definitely out of time, there are elements of folk , country but all skewed through a pop lens. Just as effective with catchy pop songs

Wedding Train - Balloon

as with breathtakingly fragile beauty

Frighten to Death - Balloon

I've no idea what on earth they are on about most of the time , the quirky lyrics have you grasping at  meaning.

Having said that Now That The Thrill's Gone has one of my favourite love gone wrong lyric

We're taking the blame for all of out faults
And I'm calling you names like a parrot that taunts
We're running away ,when we can walk
We used to believe but not anymore

A sight for sore eyes, my eyes were sore
Photographs on a sleeve , a sleeve that you wore
Words out of me, words that were torn

There was a time I loved someone
But now there's nothing left of them at all

The whole thing is about mood and atmosphere , with layers and harmonies , acoustic and electric all weaving around each other.

I don't play it that often but when I do it always comes across as even better than I remembered

You can get Gravity here - go on its a small club but worth joining


  1. Not bad, I like the first 2 tracks "Why Did It Take So Long" & "Now That The Thrill Is Gone" but I'm afraid Balloon may be too "British" for me... Something about the quavering vocals hinders my enjoyment. Reminds me of 60's folkie Eric Andersen, who I'm sure nobody has heard of.

    #30 - TALK TALK - "THE COLOR OF SPRING" (1986)

    - The highbrow folk all go for the ambient experimentation of the last two albums, which are generally too avant-garde for my more lowbrow tastes. On the other hand 'Color Of Of Spring' is right up my alley... a challenging but accessible masterpiece.

  2. Ay, I think that you and I are the only ones to own this little gem David. I'm sure that it lingers unloved in many bargain bins... Another album that I'm regretting overlooking on my list.
    I thought you'd buggered off to bed TT?
    I love 'Colour (sp) of Spring' too; the final too albums are marmite even to me; one day I love 'em the next. They're both ripe for a remaster that's for sure...

  3. Well you've twisted my arm with this one.Couple of great songs and number 30 in your chart plus thumbs up from Trev.Just ordered it.
    Tim - Colour of Spring is a true classic.The 'bridge' between their earlier 2 synth pop albums and the later spaceous ambient albums.I think with this album they were on the verge of global domination, then 'Spirit of Eden' appeared!
    #30 The Heart Strings - 'Try Fly Blue Sky'.Last years discovery The Heart Strings released my album of the year 'Flap Your Crazy Wings'but their 2008 debut is even better.Full of adventure comic book images, they sing about pilots and trapeze artists. An album That even my kids enjoy. My favourite ( and my kids).The gorgeous 'Pedalo'

  4. Totally agree Phil cos is the bridge lp that they got exactly right i love the other lps but have to be in the right mood for either pair. I finally bought the right lp after you raved about it earlier so will have to seek out the debut

  5. Hi from italy :-) in 90's me too i was thinking of being the only owner of this gem :-) and the most incredible fact, is that was a gift, sended to me directly from dedicated records, to whom i phoned for some news about a so "hidden" record :-)
    i have a large collection of music, but gravity is always on the top of my preferences ... with love and devotion :-)

  6. cheers Guido - a lost classic indeed


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