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Desert Island Discs 31 Creeping up on Jesus by the Big Dish

31 Creeping up on Jesus by the Big Dish 1988

A bit bland for a lot of people, the production did seem to make them a tad Lloyd Cole light. The first lp was a tad patchy but I thought it all came together with the second. Another set of songs where you got the feeling that the singer wanted to live in a Hopper painting or a carver short story.

The lead off single, European Rain, was a bit of throwaway pop which is exactly what is was having been rush written following the kiss of death " we don't hear any singles" comment from the record company. This explains why Steven Lindsay holds the song in a bit of contempt

It is with the other tracks that the lp comes alive. Listening now I could do with 80s keyboards turned down a bit , but even with this the songs shine through. Here is a short clip of Faith healer from their recent reunion concert

I guess we all have lps like this in our lists. Ones that seem okay to others but for some reason that we can't put our fingers on have lodged themselves firmly into our lives. For me the Big Dish are forever linked to Leeds poly, where I saw them play live in my first week at the Tuesday night Beckett's park band night.

Not as good in most ways to Steven Lindsay's solo lps but these crafted songs for a reason I can't really explain mean more.

Burn - The Big Dish

The last song for me is the highlight which became the staple of many a compilation tape

Where do you Live - The Big Dish

You can buy Creeping up on Jesus here


  1. Even if it was a contrived track, "European Rain" is damned catchy tune - although i still think it sounds a lot like "Mary's Prayer".
    I know I ruffled feathers awhile ago when I said that I was underwhelmed by Big Dish. After finally tracking down their CD's after over 20 years & all of the comparisons with LC and Deacon Blue, I simply had higher expectations than I should have. Having just pulled out the 'Rich Man's Wardrobe' comp for a listen, it sounds pretty good, and I'm betting if I'd picked it up 25 years ago would have loved it. As you mention, time & place are big factors. I wish Lindsay would do more. He's got a good knack for melody, and like so many Scots... a marvelous croon.

    Speaking of great crooners...

    #31 - ABC - "THE LEXICON OF LOVE" (1982)

    - someone had this much earlier I think?

  2. I have to agree with your 'Lloyd Cole Lite' description here David. They never really did it for me. It was always just a little... tame; feels like though the producer needed to turn everything up a bit.
    I love Exit Music though; that hit the spot.
    I think that I over played this ABC at the time TT.
    I remember being astonished by the sheer hutzpah of it all at the time...

  3. I think it took Lindsays solo albums to show what he was capable of.With The Big Dish I always felt a bit let down, They were close to greatnesss, ticking all the boxes of music that I loved but still lacking that ....something.
    Tim - I had ABC a lot earlier in my list. Great pop record.
    #31 Another overlap, Katkhuda - A long way from somewhere.Damiens love of quirkiness is turned down to minimum in this album. Straight, beautiful folk pop tunes.

  4. Cant disagree with anything anyone has written except how low lexican is!!!

  5. Love your spelling David.
    You make me look like a librarian.
    Thanks for that..

  6. I think my keyboard isn't laid out correctly


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