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Desert Island Discs 33 Don't Get Weird on me Babe by Lloyd Cole

33 Don't Get Weird on me Babe by Lloyd Cole 1991

It was nearly Love Story ( his most commotions like solo lp) or the very grown up Anti depressant , but I've gone for 1991's schizophrenic Don't Get Weird on my Baby.

One side of Byrdsy jangle guitar songs and one side of heartbreakingly  maudlin songs set to an orchestra. Released at a time when just out of poly I would still feel smug in getting the Carver referencing title, may favourite song and side would change with the weather.

Ironically the weakest track ended up being the first single , I guess as it was the closest thing to a throwaway pop song on the lp.

The jangle side saw Lloyd at his jangle best

It is not all jangle , one of my favourites for this side is the more groove based Pay for It , where you can just get lost in the long fade out

Pay for it - Lloyd Cole

The orchestral side benefited from being co written with ex commotion Blair Cowan.

The full heartache is saved for the final unrequited love song , easily one of the best things he has done

What he Doesn't Know - Lloyd Cole

Just melt as the strings close the lp.

Despite good reviews it didn't sell and I remember reading he lost a shed load of money on it. A bit of a hidden gem , you can buy Don't get here


  1. OUCH! OUCH!! OUCH!!!

    LC @ 33??? Sorry sir, I've been punched in the belly. I'm such a big fan of Lloyd, and have him slotted extremely high on my chart. ALL of his albums (save Bad Vibes & Plastic Wood) would feature in my Top 30 if it were possible. I'll have to forgive you... That being said, DGWOMB is a fantastic choice. I'm not tipping my hand, may or may not be mine. What a stellar band... Robert Quine, Mattie Sweet, Fred Maher w/ Paul Buckmaster's grand orchestrations. And Blair's contributions are paramount. Man, do I LOVE THIS RECORD!!!

    Good write-up, and fine choice of live videos!!!

    #33 - BEACH BOYS - Pet Sounds (1966)

    - A 'Desert Island' without the Beach Boys? Unthinkable! Pet Sounds a classic of course, and a favorite since I was a lad; not aware it was a classic at the time, just thought it was beautiful... I still love it , although I was almost tempted to give it the boot because of Brian Wilson's abject squandering of his godlike genius & for the rest of those embarrassing Beach Men's loathsome behaviour, interminably beating the dead horse and making a mockery of some of the greatest American pop music ever recorded. Don't get me started...

    1. I knew that TT would be sharpening his quill...
      I made the mistake of placing 'Rattlesnakes' in the low 100s.
      He's right of course; why did I do that?
      Lazy thinking.
      There'll be no such sacrilege with my Lloyd Cole choice later; bugger me, with the exception of Waits I've worked harder on this choice than any. And I still can't work out my favourite. This is there with 'Love Story' (currently playing) and 'Llooyd Cole' but I've had 'Etc' and 'Anti Depressant' out. Even TT's oddly dismissed 'Bad Vibes' is floating the boat... I wonder if this means that Lloyd and Tom haven't really produced a masterwork or that their output is just so high quality...

  2. This is a very good album! Butterfly is the standout track for me. It amazes me that he is the same artist who today is experimenting with Hans-Joachim Roedelius - with much success in my mind.

    1. there is a great remix of butterfly on the cleaning out the ashtrays compilation

  3. "Just melt as the strings close the lp."

    Not in arty Europe where the orchestral set was opening and the electric one was on the B-side...

  4. I've got to admit that mine is similarly sided.
    That David, he don't know 'arse' from 'elbow'...

  5. Its a fair cop guvs both on being too low and on cocking up the sides ... in my defence I got so used to playing side 1 second that I've just convinced myself that this is the way it was meant to be!

    No Beach Boys on my island (I'm in the vast minority of Pet Sounds - nice tunes , pretty arrangements but way too over rated ... luckily you don't know where I live Tim!)

    I'm with you on the patchy Bad Vibes though -

  6. Meant to say David Mead's Indiana arrived the other day - love it so thanks Tim and Trev - where should I head next?

  7. 'Mine and Yours' is perfect pop a la Jellyfish/Macca.
    Tangerine not too shabby also...
    You pays yer money...

  8. Luckily Tim doesn't know where I live either as there's no solo Lloyd on my list. Love Story is my favourite but only on the subs bench. At 33 for me it's Terry Hall with Home. A collaboration with his old buddy Ian Broudie makes the sound not a million miles away from Lightning Seeds. Phil

    1. Phil: With all those Glasgow connections... NO LLOYD???
      I'm thinking of leaving you out of my will. No flatware for you!

  9. I just don't understand why Half of Everything (from this perfect album) is not reffered by everyone as his best song,,,
    The song alone can be the script of a movie with all those images it brings to mind

  10. Re David Mead: Not to pooh-pooh TJ as 'Mine & Yours' is fine pop music, but 'Tangerine' DM's weakest in my lowbrow opinion.

    Myself, I'd go straight to the lush debut 'LUXURY OF TIME' or the stripped-down grower 'Almost & Always.' His latest 'Dudes' is spotty, but the charming "Smile Of Rachael Ray" may be my favorite Mead tune ever, although it might not translate as well for those across the pond, seeing as it relates to US cook-show diva Rachael Ray. There's also the Stephen Hague
    produced 'Wherever You Are' which is sort of a "lost EP" which has some good tunes.

    So there you have it, we've covered all the bases. Buy'em all!
    I'm pretty sure you'll find a lot to enjoy. At times you'll swear you're listening to another David... Scott.

  11. Just watched the video clips; wasn't he a beautiful baby?
    Especially on the orchestral clips.
    What happened Loyd" Too many pies; too much golf or just the rigours of anonymity?

  12. Sorry, that's a bit harsh... he was a handsome young buck though.

  13. I loved Rattlesnakes, disliked Easy Pieces and never went back. Sorry Lloyd, that wasn't a fair way to treat you. I'll make up for it, I swear.

  14. Hi Seamus my friend John followed the same path - I gave him a copy of the 3rd lp Mainstream saying "you'll hate this" (mainstream was an apt title) and I'm sure to this day just to be contrary now rates it as the best thing he has done.

    you've got some catching up to do!


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