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Desert Island Discs 42 Boots Met My Face by Admiral Fallow

42 Boots Met My Face by Admiral Fallow 2010

A more recent lp this time and one that became my favourite of 2010. This is what I wrote at the time.

Into May and although I've bought quite a few lps that I like nothing had really stood out. , until Boots Met My Face by Admiral Fallow came through the post box and is an early contender for lp of the year (although I think the copy I have is a re release with the lp originally released last year with a different cover)

Admiral Fallow are a Scottish 5 piece built around the singer and main songwriter Louis Abbott. It is a stunning set of crafted songs that are difficult to describe. There is a folky element that bring to mind a Mumford and Sons but with the banjo replaced with a clarinet, there are echoes of Elbow and some great sing along pop songs with girl/boy vocals , an earthier Deacon Blue. Okay I mentioned 3 bands and Admiral Fallow sound like none of them and I'm sure have very different reference points., but it is strange brew of the 3 that sprung to mind (with maybe with a twist of first lp Guillemots in there as well)

The lyrics are personal and full of quotable lines that bring a smile of recognition and more painful emotions hit right on the head.

"All of the songs document the first chapter of my life, be it memories from school or kicking a ball about with my childhood chums. All of the songs are taken from real life events. There's no fiction. I'm not into making up stories or characters for the sake of trying to stir emotions. They are songs about friends and family as well as a fair bit of self-evaluation.”

If this makes Abbott seem a little serious don't worry I mean there is a great song called Subuteo on the lp

If anything over time the lp has got even better.The slower songs have grown and the catchy singles remain as fresh as ever

My favourite tracks remains the majestic opening

You can buy Boots Met My Face here


  1. I know this band is popular around these parts, but reminds me way too much of godawful Mumford & Sons. Sorry, it's just me...
    I've got so many solo artists on my list, I've gotta get some bands in...

    #42 - ROXY MUSIC - Avalon (1982)

    - Cold, grungy bed-bug ridden youth hostel in King's Cross, Sydney Australia - August 1982. Not one of my favorite back-packing memories. But the smelly German guy in the bunk above me had a cassette player on which he played the newly released "Avalon" non-stop during my one day sojourn in that shit-hole crash-pad. Majestic beauty in the midst of squalid misery. More than this...

  2. I agree that this endures well David. Both albums always get me to the edge of the seat.
    Avalon is great too TT (you feckin' mind reading freak)

  3. Excellent album.Still gets played on the mp3 player, as does last years follow up.Maybe if we do this chart again in 10 years time this will have made it.
    Tim - Earlier Roxy for me! Ferry was far too smooth ny the time Avalon came along.
    #42 Depeche Mode - Violator. This I ,think, catches Depeche at their peak. 9 tracks ,of which at least 5 were ( excellent) singles.
    When speaking about the soon to be released new album Dave Gahan said they'd tried to get back to the sound of violator. We can only hope that they succeeded.
    Stand out track for me is Personal Jesus. On the b-side is this great acoustic version

  4. Afraid that I have a blind spot when it comes to DM Phil.
    It took Johnny Cash to reveal to me what a great song 'Personal Jesus' was.
    Same with 'Hurt'.
    How many other classics have I missed?

  5. Tim - I'm with you on Avalon , Eno roxy gets all the credibility but Avalon is the perfect match of style and content (even if I blame it for a 101 dinner party lps!)
    Violator nearly made my list but Black celebration pipped it for me. Violator for me was the last decent lp they made (although Exciter has its moments) form then on the lives of the band became more interesting than the music they made.

    Trev - where to start - Martin Gore has written some great songs and some stinkers too (the lyrics for people are people spring to mind).


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