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Desert Island Discs 14 Played by the Bodines

14 Played by the Bodines 1987

Now I'm pretty safe in assuming this isn't on anyone else's list. Today's post like the last one is also from 1987 and sums up what my musical spilt was. On one hand the polished pop of Deacon Blue , Danny Wilson etc and on the other the indie jangles of the wedding present and today's choice the Bodines.

Featured on /cursed by the C86 tape , there were 100s of bands like the Bodines. However , something for me just clicked. Following  a straight linear route from Orange Juice with jangly guitars , lovelorn lyrics and "unique" vocal styling!

How indie are these haircuts!

Producers of one of the great indie singles Therese which could have been a follow up to Orange Juice's Felicity

Therese by the Bodines

"You scare the health out of me"

The lyrics were full of the kind of emotional angst that every healthy student needs to wallow in

William Shatner - The Bodines

Unfortunately early good press was lost when the signed to a major label and by the time the lp came out their time had come and gone

You can buy a jangletastic masterpiece here that includes the best thing they ever did the non lp single which was full of universal truths

When you think she's lonely you phone just to make sure"

Heard it All - The Bodines


  1. Whew, that is a mighty jangle! There were so many great bands at the time, and I missed a lot of them. I remember when I finally got Internet, weeding through the myriad of samples on Rainsound especially... Orange Juice, Close Lobsters, Pale Fountains, Pastels, Orchids, Wild Swans... hundreds of groups that I barely made a dent in checking out. Bodines is one I recall seeing, failed to investigae. I like what I hear. Resemble so many bands of the period, but the vocals are fine and the hooks are sharp! Just sampled Skanking Queen... fantastic!!!

    #14 - LLOYD COLE & THE NEGATIVES (2001)

    - Excuse me while I attempt to stuff as many Lloyd Cole entries (3) into my Top 20 as possible... I'm in a grey area here, but LC always insisted The Negatives was a "band" project like the Commotions... hopefully meets the criteria?

    Returning to playing in what LC called a "bar band" was really a nice move. I've seen LC (sans Commotions) play live a few times, and he's seldom the most charismatic entertainer. Sometimes you feel like a grumpy college professor is up there performing. However, with the Negatives there was an playful vibe between his mates that had sad old Lloyd repeatedly flashing that grotesque smile that he suppresses so well. Great concert! The album itself has a wonderful band chemistry, and generated some of his best tunes ever... Impossible Girl, Past Imperfect, Negative Attitude and the gorgeous Gary Clark co-write "That Boy" - produced by Langer/Winstanley. Another highlight for me is "What's Wrong With This Picture." One of the things I've always loved about LC is that he always has a gift for ironic twists of phrase. Here he lampoons himself wonderfully...

    "Smile, she said, and if you want
    I'll look the other way
    Until you regain your melancholy disposition
    Or until you get over yourself.

    You're such a European SOB
    Could you exist without your irony?
    I guess that you're afraid to alone or be alive
    Or be a boy without a girl."

    What's Wrong With This Picture:
    Impossible Girl:
    That Boy:
    Past Imperfect:

  2. What's Wrong With This Picture has got to be the most commercial thing he's ever done.
    Great album choice TT.

  3. I messed up by treating it as a solo , otherwise it would have been on. Past imperfect is one of my favourite Lloyd songs.

  4. TT's been reading the small print...

  5. Inspired and often forgotten choice. One of the giants of jangle. Cherry Red reissued Played with bonus tracks, including an extended mix of Therese and a live version of William Shatner. Produced by the brilliant Ian Broudie. I picked it up just last year, and I'm really glad I did. Well done.

    1. Hi Brian - forgot this was a Broudie production . Him and Edwyn Collins produced a load of great lps about this time

  6. A band I'd totally forgoten about.I picked up the single'Theresa' and it's sitting with all my other vinyl back in England. Never bothered with the album, but really feel that I should hunt down the 'Played' reissue.
    #14 Laurel Music - This Night and the Next
    A one off album from a Swedish duo.Filled with gorgeous country/folk flavoured pop

    1. the reissue is well worth getting Phil. Really like this one clip - going to try and get the lp

  7. I'm still following this series even if I don't comment often but I just had to say that it's nice to see this album in the list as I love The Bodines. Especially love the 3 songs you have posted and don't forget "Skanking Queens" ( which was also a timeless classic, that seems now long forgotten, which is a terrible shame. I was fortunate to see them open for New Order when they played Ottawa and they put on the better show that night. Actually got to meet them and I was supposed to write to them to get a hold of some of their live recordings which sadly I never did. It was nice to see Firestation Records dig up a lost EP and release it a short while back. They were big fans of The Wild Swans and you can hear it in some of their songs. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. Hi Wally

    I almost posted Skanking Queens as one of the tracks it kicks the lp off in such a great way.

    I got the later shrinkwrapped ep which was okay but nothing really matched any of the songs on the debut


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