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Desert Island Discs 24 Eureka by The Bible

24 Eureka by the Bible 1988

It could easily have been the first lp Walking the Ghost Back Home but I'm going for Eureka (although the much delayed eventual 3rd lp Dodo is a bit of a lost gem.)

Eureka loses some of the quirkiness in the arrangements that the 1st lp has but overall I think it is a better set of songs

Beset by record company interference and rejection , produce by Steve Earle who couldn't quite understand why the band didn't embrace the full rock n roll excess experience , Eureka is full of smart pop tunes that were always doomed to miss the top 40.

Opening single is a bit hit by numbers ..except it wasn't . Melodic verse and big chorus, although you can almost hear the video director thinking "what the hell do we do with this lot"

Honey Be Good followed the path of Graceland form the 1st lp , lot of radio play a couple of re releases and an almost but not quite hit

A lot of the songs followed a similar template, mid tempo , minor key, crisp guitar lines , a smart way with words.... ( and when the template is so good that isn't a criticism.) Skeleton Crew, Wishing game have echoes of Honey be Good.

This also means that when they take a slightly different route different route , the track really stands out .

Cigarette Girls - The Bible

Blue Shoes Stepping  - The Bible

Listening to it now it feels like  a pair of old slippers , everything just fits together the way I want it to

 A bit of then and now,the opening track Skywriting from the anniversary concert. Less hair , bigger waists but the song stays as good as ever

Finally witness 4 people not exactly at home with the interview process!!

You can be Eureka here with a load of excellent extra tracks (b sides , covers and tracks rejected by the record company for Eureka) that had appeared on their random acts of kindness compilation


  1. Eureka is also on my list at #24. Not so shocking, as I reckon there is bound to be collisions as we reach the Top 30. I was amused to see synchronicity/coincidence/luck strike again. But what truly bewildered me was when my buddy Eric rang me up a few minutes after I'd read your list entry. In the course of conversation he casually mentioned that whilst driving in his car earlier today he'd been listening to a CD that he hadn't played in ages... The Bible - Eureka!!! I swear on my Daddy's grave it's all true...
    I consider myself a empirical thinker, but this goes beyond reason...

    #24 - THE BIBLE - "EUREKA" (1988)

    - not quite as awesome as a compilation CD I made which includes the best of both proper albums and a couple from Random Acts, but Eureka their best I think...
    Top 3? Crystal Palace, Skywriting, Mahalia, Graceland, Buzz Aldrin... 5?

  2. There is surely magic in the air...
    It's funny how we imagine our own music:
    When I was 25 'Graceland' was the song I wished I'd written for MM.
    These days I'd go for either 'Mirrorball' or 'Mercy Street'.

  3. I'll write this quickly as I'll probably need to run for cover. There's no Bible on my list. Maybe because I missed them when they were first around and only discovered them after watching the film 'Fever Pitch'. I do like both albums, just not enough to take them to the island with me...now if it had been a top 150 it would have made it.
    #24 Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister
    This was my introduction to the band and it was always going to be between this and their debut 'Tigermilk'.Took a punt on the album after reading a review in Q that compared them to The Lilac Time.
    Every track on the album is a corker but this is the best
    Seeing other people

  4. I'm another who has no Bible but I missed them completely and only heard the name at the time and again recently through Trevor, here, and Boo's blog. Been listening a bit today. I feel it's probably more of a grower than a grabber?

  5. Tim / Trev the Eureka at 24 is a bit scary! - Buzz Aldrin is my favourite track by them.
    I think it was a review of Bicycle Thieves that mentioned the Bible that got me to buy it "blind"
    Hi Phil - Nearly went for this one as it was also my intro for the band but gone for a different one that I don't think is that popular with the "purests"

    I think Seamus this may be a time and place lp - it summed up perfectly one type of music that I was into at the time and the other being a bit of an opposite the shambolic jangle of the C86 brigade


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