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Desert Island Discs 25 Architecture and Morality by OMD

25 Architecture and Morality by OMD 1981

Ten reasons why this is a truly fantastic

1) a cut out sleeve that came in yellow, green and blue (the blue version hangs in a black frame on my dining room wall) that was one of Peter Saville's best

2) a title that means everything and nothing

3) a biggest selling single that somehow got 30 seconds of abstract noise into the top 10

4) it brings waltzing into electronic music

5) the whole lp is genuinely chorus free but as catchy as hell

6) It has 2 songs about joan of arc and one about a ww2 north sea platform - much more interesting than la la I love you

7) Although electronic , it is all about the warmth of the melodies

8 ) those who bought the lp on the back of the sing along singles must have thought "oh my god what have I done this time" as the manic New Stone Age kick  the lp off. I can imagine a few not making it past track one before demanding a refund. Their alternative side never really got the credit it deserved

9) No one quite does the mass choral voices better

10)  It puts to bed the argument that synthesiser music is emotionless

She's Leaving by OMD

You can buy the re release with lost of top quality extra tracks here


  1. Another group that makes almost impossible to pick just one album. Currently it would be Dazzle Ships. If you asked me 6 months ago it would have been Organisation. When all is weighed though, Archetecture and Morality may be the album that best reflects the beauty of OMD's pop songs.
    I can't wait for the new album to come out and tranport me back to the early 80's. Who needs a Tardis...

  2. Again, an odd gap in my collection.
    I'm pretty open minded theses days but have a terrible memory; maybe way back I rejected all synth' music out of hand, hence my blind spot with these guys, Depeche Mode et al... the melodies are fine. I do remember that the bassist/singer tucked his jumper into his pleated pants for one TOTP appearance. Maybe that is why I forbade such stylings chez moi... On such whims are record collections made.

  3. I think I always had OMD lumped in with Ultravox, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode et al. I liked some of the singles but not a big fan of synth bands. The clips you've posted are kinda catchy, however I'm afraid it may be to late for me to see the light...

    PS: I'm in mourning... My SPOTIFY's been terminated! They've somehow detected my return to Canada after wintering in Florida, and cut me off. Canadian CRTC regulators preventing Spotify in Canada... bloody fascists!!!

    #25 - G.W. MCLENNAN - WATERSHED (1991)

    - I'm going against the grain again... There are no bad picks with Grant; 'Horsebreaker Star' appears to be the people's choice, but his debut solo is mine.

    I was steamed when the GoB's called it quits whilst at their peak, but Grant carried the torch in fine style with 'Watershed'. He still has Amanda Brown's talents on board but this album not nearly as slick as 16LL. However, the catchy melodies are seemingly effortless & abundant; the words clever, biting, melancholy... I'd forgotten how lovely the closer "Dream About Tomorrow" is, and "Get That Straight" includes the absurd but somehow memorable lyric...

    "I know you've been seeing your boyfriend the actor.
    Sometimes I want to run over him with a great big tractor.
    But I know with the price of fuel I'd sure look like a fool ...
    And I already have a middle name."

    Dream About Tomorrow:
    Easy Come Easy Go:
    Get That Straight:

  4. If it were by another it too would be in my Top 50.
    Damn David's rules!!
    That lyric is great...

  5. I love this album, but for nostalgic reasons I went for their debut.
    Certainly can't argue with any of the 10 points you've made.
    #25 Saint Etienne - Good Humor. Nowadays I dont dance much and when I do it's usually the' living room shuffle' and more often than not it's to Saint Etienne. They're totally unlike anything else I listen to.Dance music by people brought up on post punk and Bacharach it would see.

  6. OMD leave me a little lukewarm, although I did like the singles from this at the time. Had I bought them then it all might be different.

  7. Apols all just back form a week away near naples - the scariest weeks driving of my life.
    Echo I thought last years History of Modern was the best of the "comeback " lps and the new one is shaping up to be just as good - very retro sounding. Going to see them live at the end of the month.

    trev - I think I managed to blank out the whole jumpers tucked into trousers look!

    Watershed is a great but fireboy would sneak it if I was allowed another grant lp

    Seamus - I tink they are a bit of a singles band ofr a lot f people but it is the more experimental lp tracks that are the interesting ones - I guess I bought the whole electronic music thing hook line and sinker in the 81/82/83 period whereas as the whole two tone thing left me a little cold (this was party a reaction of what the majority liked in spalding where being a mod was rather tribal and therefore for me best avoided!

    Phil - St Et are one of those greatest hits bands for me - should really give the lps a go


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