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Desert Island Discs 26 Colour of Spring by Talk Talk

26 Colour of Spring by Talk Talk 1985

Could have been included for this wonderful bit of drumming on is own

Caught between the 80s sheen of the first 2 lps and the stark minimalism of their final 2 lps , the Colour of spring is a fantastic example of a band beginning to push their limits and reinvent their sound. It could have been an unholy mess with producer Tim Friese-Greene joining Mark Hollis as the main drivers and Paul Webb and  Lee Harris joined by a long list of  esteemed session/guest musicians.

However the different elements weave together to make a record that needs to be sat down and listened to.

There are children's choirs , a mass recorder solo , saxophones , harps all in the melting pot. There are straight forward pop songs

and moments of fragile beauty

April 5th - Talk Talk

And like a lot of the lps as we get to the higher end of the list it has a killer love gone wrong song

You can buy the Colour of Spring here


  1. Bliss! The beginning of something so amazing I am still amazed by the direction Mark Hollis took Talk Talk. Cinematic and yet very personal, Hollis & Co. foreshadowed and laid the foundation for the deconstruction of rock and pop which would enrich music. Yeah that's a lot of big words, but this it really important, "big" music.

  2. Why was I convinced you'd opt for one of the avant-garde releases??? Can't argue with this!

    Echo nailed it. Big & cinematic but very personal. And important!I always thought Talk Talk were studio rats, but I'll be darned if they don't put on a great show. Love the live clips. And you're right, the drumming is outstanding...

    #26 - LOVE & MONEY - "STRANGE KIND OF LOVE" (1988)

    - Dogs In Traffic has three of my very favorite L&M tracks, and seems to be the people's choice, but this album is special for me. A "blind" purchase with great rewards, rescued from a $2 cut-out bin, I picked it up simply because I noticed Gary Katz's production credit. The droll B&W jacket belied the colorful & sophisticated musical delights contained inside.

    I recently had a chat with Trev, regarding overly-fussy album production. He asked "Can you polish something dull?" Hmmm, I know he has a very valid point, but myself... I can handle a lot of the shiny-shiny! Gary Katz polished 'Strange Kind Of Love' until it was positively glowing. The band is smoking, James Grant's guitar blazes and after 25 years this album still lights my fire...

    I dare you to watch these clips, and not be tempted to dance! James Grant tries!!!

    Strange Kind Of Love:
    Jocelyn Square:

  3. Great choice David. This was an album (alongside a Sylvian, a Blue Nile and a Gabriel) that showed me that pop could really be 'adult' without being dull, 'ironic' or retro. You can hear the musicians thinking as they play; smart music played by smart men not to prove their smartness (see Steely Dan) but purely for the joy of creating something beautiful and enduring. In fact, let's call it 'Art'.
    Nice album TT. I meant 'Can you polish something until it's dull?' but I think you knew that...

    1. Sorry TJ, that quote out of context means something completely different!

  4. Hi echo another excellently worded comment.
    Tim like you i was taken aback at how good they looked live. I really struggled with l and m. It was nearly this lp as hal man ,jocelyn sq and the title track are faultless
    However dogs pipped it as a couple of strange kind of tracks are a bit fillerish for me .
    Well put Trevor and that a pop bands sound can mature and grow with their audience whilst keeping the heart of where they came from

  5. As I've mentioned before. a truly great album and as Trev says let's indeed call it art.
    Tim - A lot of L&M fans make this their top album by them and I can understand why, but I still much prefer Dogs in the Traffic.
    # 26 Mostar Diving Club - Don Your Suit Of Lights. Another gem from Mr. Katkhuda. If we'd been doing this list 6 months down the line his new one would be instead of this.Listened to it 3 times just last night. Damned close to perfect.
    'Vagabonds and Clowns' from Don Your Suit
    and a listen to the new album'Triumph Of Hope'

    1. Just brought both on your say so Phil.
      No pressure...

    2. Hang about. I've just ordered 'Triumph of Hope' but can find no sign of 'Don Your Suit of Lights'...
      Is it on general release Phil?

    3. I've still not managed to get a physical copy of the album, dowload only I'm afrais Trev. There is a promo copy of the CD on e-bay at the moment but silly money!

    4. Thanks Phil; I shall delve deeper...

  6. Hi Phil

    I somehow have missed this lp so am off to buy it now!

  7. A group that missed the cut for my list as much by accident as design. I love the way this album seems both intimate and epic, And perfectly timed post!
    I'd probably go for Spirit of Eden though.

    1. Spirit is in my drawer at work Seamus.
      I play it (often) when the 6 year olds start descending.
      It beats hiding under the desk...

  8. I knew you'd go for the exquisite over the apposite Seamus.
    I can only see one brow but I'm sure it's higher than the other one...


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