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Desert island Discs 27 Virgins and Philistines by the Colourfield

27 Virgin and Philistines by the Colourfield 1985

Not sure many people would have guessed that following on form the Funboy 3 Terry Hall's next move would be to go all acoustic 60s pop, and make an lp whose template The Beautiful South built a pretty good career on.

After the initial misfire of the Colourfield single they released one of the perfect pop songs

It is a mixture of state of the nation commentary in Cruel Circus , Armchair Theatre, Faint Hearts and the personal politics of the heart.  all backed by tunes that Bacharach would have been proud of
Sometimes Hall's turn of phrase could bee a bit clumsy but it is singing about the everyday mundane that kicks hard.
The same song for example has the rather trite "but me and the cat own the lease to the flat" and the Morrissey like  "I took passion from compassion I needed the rest / from telling you you looked attractive each time you undressed"
The highlight for me is a cover version . I can never tire of these harmonies to melt to 
You can buy Virgins and Philistines with a shed load of extra tracks here


  1. Wonderful album...Terry Hall tackles Post Punk was how I saw it at the time. I was a fan of him as singer of The Specials, equal partner (or so it seemed) in Fun Boy Three and it was with The Colourfield that I realized he was a pretty amazing songsmith. I've enjoyed everything he's been involved in since, even the Dave Stewart partnership of Vegas.
    If I chose one album of his entire output, it would be Home. But tomorrow I might just say Virgins & Philistines.

  2. - I hate to mention this again... something about Hall's vocals unpalatable for me (see Robert Smith, Marc Almond). Too British?


    - Massive overlap! I'm echoing several other hearty endorsements here, including Echorich's impassioned rave. So many tempting puns, so little time...

  3. This album really was shockingly good. Not being a huge fan of either The Specials or The Fun Boy Three, ( although they both had fine moments),I didn't think I'd like The Colourfield but I wasn't expecting these great melodic pop tunes.I've bought everthing Terry Hall has done since and loved it all.( ok except the album he did with Mushtaq!)
    #27 Crowded House - Woodface. Seems I'm the odd one out going for this one but after a week of revisiting all Their albums,I still have to go with it.
    Currently enjoying the new Leisure Society album and think the new Depeche mode album is their best in a long time.

  4. Hi echo i liked Vegas as well think we are in the minority though
    The overlaps are getting bigger tim
    Hi Phil i just got the mostar diving club cd early contender for lp of the year

  5. My Mostar Diving Club CD is in the post, but downloaded it aswell.You're right a real contender for album of the year. Forgot to mention the debut from Biggles Flys Again, another very good album

  6. Great LP, pure Pale Fountains stuff


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