Monday, 1 April 2013

Desert Island Discs 28 Get Ready by Bucks Fizz

okay ...maybe not

28 Goodbye Jumbo by World Party

I didn't buy this for quite a while partly because I hadn't quite forgiven Karl Wallinger for leaving the Waterboys , partly because Q magazine seemed like they wouldn't stop going on about the lp until ever home had one and partly because all that save the world stuff well it seemed a tad ... hippyish?!

I eventually succumbed when I heard this on the radio and couldn't get it out of my head for about a week

This is one melting pot of an lp. You get a bit of 60's stones and Beatles followed by some 80s Prince, a country soul song  followed by  some jangle gospel , a heart breaking ballad followed by a scuzzy guitar protest song .. well you get the picture.

Somehow it all works and more importantly hangs together as a coherent lp

The lps theme of save the planet seems a bit less idealistic and a bit more urgent. Here was the other single from the lp with Karl in his best Mick Jagger mode

here is an older wiser Karl with that bit of country soul I mentioned

At there worst they can skate on thin ELO like ice however I cant imagine Jeff Lynne ever having the emotional punch of this

And I Fell Back Alone by World Party

or as blissed out as this

Love Street by World Party

You can buy this bit of future retro here


  1. You got me! Bucks Fizz (sans WP) came up front page on my iPod and I did a double-take...
    I'm impressed seeing Kurt live in an intimate concert setting. Pretty good voice!


    - almost unanimous?

  2. Put the Message a classic. A bit too much variety for me... a bit like Squeeze; could never really decide on their metier so covered all bases... jack of all trades etc.
    Dream Academy I do not have TT.
    Should I?

  3. My favourite World Party album but I'm not a huge fan. They have their moments but too inconsistent to these ears.
    Tim - 3 strikes in a row. Great album.
    # 28 Paddy MacAloon - I Trawl The Megahertz. A beautiful album that I somehow find rather uncomfortable listening to. Don't really know why but I love the feeling! I remember the shock of first hearing this and still find I feel like I've gone ten rounds after hearing it. Emotional stuff indeed. Surprised no one has put this up yet...a bit higher perhaps? Surley it must be on your

  4. Phil: I shelled out $40 for the Megahertz import. I have to confess that I listened to it twice, then shelved it. Just so... different. It's like listening to jazz or a soundtrack, my brain isn't wired for music that has unconventional structure. I've just listened to it again and still feel indifferent. Feel guilty because I'm a huge Paddy fan. I'm glad you "got" it!

    TJ: Are you saying you haven't got any DA records, or you just chose not to have it on your list?
    Dream Academy were part of a host of 80's Brit bands (Sprout, Deacon Blue, Blue Nile, GoB's, Bible, James, LC, Echo, Talk Talk etc.) that got regular play here in TO during the glory days of edgy, adventurous FM radio. My Top 30 contains a lot of picks from this era, and DA still sounds wonderful to me. I think David & Phil were on board earlier with this one, and would vouch for me. Same goes for the follow-up. Remember however, that nostalgia has a profound influence on perception...

  5. Hi Tim ive seen wp live twice and kw was great both times .
    Hi trev all the da lps are worth a go although the 1st one has dated the most. Im with Tim on rd being the best although i had it in at 99 with a bullet.
    Hi Phil i am with Tim on trawl i do really like it but also very rarely play it

  6. I was a huge fan of BANG. But for some reason I never bought this one. I can remember at the time having it in my hand numerous times in HMV and saying to myself, "Will I, won't I!!". Needless to say I never did. I must have had something more important to buy at the time! Think it's time to give it a go!
    Do you not think Brian Kennedy ruined 'Put The Message In The Box'???? Ruined a good song for me since.

  7. Hi iano bang is great but this one just edges it for me
    Ive only heard the bk version of message a couple of times really bland from what i remembered
    Maybe a new theme covers that ruined the original?

  8. Go for it!! Any ideas what you are going to do once No.1 is out of the way?? Back to a hundred and start all over again?


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